Clinique Fresh Pressed Vitamin C

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), is a powerful anti-aging ingredient that is in a lot of skincare products because of the benefits it can bring to the skin.  My usual skincare routine didn’t contain any Vitamin C, be it regularly or even as a mask.  When Clinique announced they were releasing a product that was a hit of Vitamin C that was available in a 7 day kit, I did my usual research then went ahead and bought it…..waiting as I usually do for a ‘Gift with Purchase’ as I was also running low on my Moisture Surge.


I visited my local Boots counter where the Clinique rep sat me down and trialled the product on my hand.  I was amazed at the instant results so thought I’d give it a go with the 7 day kit.

The kit included 7 sachets of powder cleanser and 1 vial of serum.

Facetune 24


The packet of powder cleanser is activated when mixed with water.   The aim of this cleanser is to purify, retexturise and brighten the skin.  I wet my hands and poured the powder out of the packet and mixed it with the water.  I then applied this to dry skin.  After covering my face with the cleanser, I then left it to work for 1 minute as instructed.  The cleanser pretty much dries to the skin in this time but is then washed off.  I personally use a flannel when I cleanse my skin and I don’t ‘dry’ it at all before continuing with my routine.

My face felt instantly smooth and clean.  I continued with my usual routine of acid toner, moisturising toner, serums, eye cream and moisturiser but at the point of moisturiser I added the Fresh Pressed serum to it prior to application.    Being in individual sachets, this allows the vitamin C to remain at its highest potency as exposure to oxygen causes it to degrade which is why some jars and other bottles of products containing Vitamin C can loose their potency quite quickly.

(This is a morning cleanser only!)

Boost serum

The serum is designed to brighten the skin from first use, then over time also target fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.  Realistically the best I could hope for in 1 week was the brightening side!


Vitamin C 10% is housed in the top part of the container, with an emulsion underneath.  When this is ready to be opened, it has to be primed by pressing (with the cap on!) the plunger at the top twice to release the powder into the lotion below.  This then needs to be shaken before use.  Adding the powder to the emulsion like this allows the vitamin C to remain stable without coming into contact with oxygen as with the design of the individual cleanser sachets.    The serum is like any other serum in texture, perfectly smooth.  I added 2 drops to my moisturiser (which was easy as long as the moisturiser was already in the palm of my hand!) and applied as normal.

This is used twice a day so in the mornings I added it to my Clinique Moisture Surge and in the evening it was added to my Formula Absolute Sleep Cream.

My thoughts – Cleanser

I loved it!  The cleanser is amazing and my skin instantly felt soft and smooth and very clean.

Would I swap it on a daily basis?

No….but not for any negative reason!  I love my oil cleansers at the moment and can see I would stick with them whilst they are working well with my skin.  That said, as a 7 day boost for my skin, I’d definitely swap it out for a week to give my skin a shove in the brightening direction if I felt I needed it.

My thoughts – Boost Serum

I loved it…the texture is lovely and smooth and mixes in really well with my moisturiser.  No separating, no funky textures or smell when mixed with a non-clinique night cream and so on.

Would I use it every day?

Yes…mostly because the 7 day vial does last longer than 7 days!  The vial is designed to ensure the product stays fresh and potent for 7 days…from then it can darken in colour and start to degrade.  I didn’t find it to be too bad after the 7 days at all.  It continued to mix well and my skin felt lovely and soft.

Overall results from 7 days 

I am not one for posting photos of me with no makeup on but it would be pointless to not show you a before and after using this product.  I tried as much as I could to position my face the same way and in the same/similar lighting conditions to give a good comparison.   In my opinion my skin is brighter which is what this 7 day use of the product was aiming to do so I am pleased with that.  I don’t doubt that with regular usage, it would further benefit my skin.  On another note, I had a comment on Instagram that ‘it must smell amazing’…..I’ll be honest….I expected a citrus scent as that’s what I think we have come to expect from ‘Vitamin C’ but it actually has no scent at all to speak of!  Neither the cleanser or serum have a smell to them…which is actually quite nice given it makes it even more suitable for anyone who is easily irritated by things like that!


Would I re-purchse?

Yes!  I am happy to see that it can be bought either as the 7 day kit including both the cleanser and serum, but also as separate products so if I want to continue with the serum only then I can, and add in the cleanser to my routine for a treat when I feel the need.

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31 thoughts on “Clinique Fresh Pressed Vitamin C

  1. stashy says:

    I love my oil and balm cleansers too and wouldn’t switch it for the world. 😛 But this whole system sounds great! I have seen kits online where they sell the vitamin C in powder form and you mix as you need it since it’s so unstable once mixed. It’s great that a brand like Clinique is making this available to the masses. Your skin look wonderful! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beauty and The Ballroom says:

      Yeah I couldn’t switch permanently either….I use an oil in the morning and a balm in the evening and I won’t stop lol. This being just a 7 day thing was fine though, and I’d do it again as a 7 day thing but I was happy with the results I got in the 7 days 🙂
      Thank you 😛 xx


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