Clinique Sets – Fresh Pressed Vitamin C

Following on from yesterday’s More Than Moisture set, today’s post is the second set I picked up which is the Fresh Pressed Vitamin C.

I have used the Fresh Pressed kit a few times and have reviewed it already so check out Clinique Fresh Pressed Vitamin C for how I got on with it the first time I used it, including a comparison photo of before and after using for seven days.

This set contains two, seven day kits, which is 14 days of morning cleanser and two vials of the serum.   It also contains a 15ml Smart Custom Repair Moisturiser which I haven’t tried before but I do like the Smart Serum so I am planning to use this as a night time moisturiser.

As the usual kits retail for £25, this set was already worth £50 for the Vitamin C parts alone, plus the Smart Moisturiser, yet the price before Christmas was £40 which I was super tempted by!  Fast forward to the post-Christmas sales (because lets face it, they’re not January sales anymore!) and this set was £26.66!  I of course snapped one of these up quickly!


I will be using these in the same way that I have before as a set for 7 continuous days, although the serum does last longer than the 7 days.  I like to use this as more of a treat or a boost for my skin as opposed to a constant in my routine at the moment but that could well change as I absolutely love it!!  The cleanser always leaves my face feeling so clean and clear let alone super soft and smooth!  Adding the serum to my moisturiser doesn’t cause any issues with my moisturiser at all, nor does it interfere with makeup application…if anything I find foundation goes on nicer!

Do you use Vitamin C in your skincare routine?

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17 thoughts on “Clinique Sets – Fresh Pressed Vitamin C

  1. stashy says:

    I’m so excited to try my set! I always use some form of vitamin C serum from various brands but this is the first time trying from Clinique – can’t wait to see the results. High five for scoring this on sale too! 🙂


  2. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    These look great, I’ve not used many vitamin c products. The serum I tried I was a bit non-plussed with tbh. It was ok but nothing outstanding. I once tried a powder vit c by Philosophy which was good. Lately I’ve been becoming a bit anti clinique and leaning towards cruelty free brands, not in an obsessive way but just trying to be a little more conscious of what I’m buying.

    Great post as always.

    Samantha xx

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  3. hoiyinli says:

    I am a firm Clinique fan but I’ve never tried any of their serums/treatments before. I’m happy to get an insight about this because I haven’t heard too much – I’ll have to open my pack soon and give my skin a boost! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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