Lisa Eldridge Carnival of Colour

Back in September I headed to London with my Sister for a trip to Covent Garden and paying a visit to the Lisa Eldridge Carnival of Colour pop up shop! I had been to the previous pop up and it was absolutely beautiful so when it was announced there would be another with some new shades of lipsticks and eyeshadows I couldn’t resist.

You may or may not know, (depending on if you follow me on Instagram) that I have a bit of a Lisa Eldridge lipstick addiction! I do have a nice little growing collection going!

Ever growing Lipstick collection

I will detail more on the shades I started with and how my collection has grown in another post but for today I just wanted to talk about the pop up!

We got to the pop up at 11am for opening time and it was a total colour sensory experience! Shelves of testers for lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations … I was like a kid in a sweet shop!!

As a Makeup Artist myself I am very fussy when it comes to my products in my kit and the hygiene from one client to another, some shops totally freak me out with their lack of this however, all testing was done is a super hygienic way that felt totally safe.

Lipsticks on display

We were offered to try whatever we wanted and given my existing collection, knew I wanted to try something bold from the new launches. I tried ‘Wonder Wheel’ first which I absolutely loved. It made my eyes look so blue! It’s so funny how a lipstick can do that! ‘Strawberry Shock’ was also another on my list to try but it didn’t really work for me, which is fine, it’s beautiful, just not on me! That didn’t matter however as next came ‘Rainbow Spill’ which again made my eyes look super blue so that also went onto my ‘yes’ list. This is the best thing about going to the shop itself rather than trying to choose a colour online is that you can try them out and see what works best with your skin tone, eye colour, undertone in your lip and so on.

Kitten Mischief, Rainbow Spill, Wonder Wheel

After I tried a few more it was suggested to me to try ‘Kitten Mischief’ which on me is a lovely subtle nude, great for day to day. I also added Emily and Bianca eyeshadows to my collection, plus the ‘Cosmic Rose’ highlighter that I have had my eye on for a while!

For my pro kit, I also got ‘Rosy Shell’ (which I have in my own makeup kit and I love it!) as I thought it would be the perfect bridal pink, along with ‘Dance Card’ for a peachy pink, again perfect for Bridal so these have gone straight into my pro kit collection.

‘Rosy Shell’ & ‘Dance Card’

The Pop up is open until 7th January 2023 so definitely head there if you get the chance … it’s like a total wonderland of colour!!!

Have you been to the pop up? I’d love to know!

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