SPF … EVY every day!


I will admit, until around 5 years ago, SPF was something I only bothered about when it was a sunny day or if I was on holiday! Looking back at that, I can’t believe that’s what I used to do but then it’s also what so many people still do! During a Bridal makeup trial I talk to my clients about their skincare routine and lots of people, just like me, tell me that they wear SPF on a summer’s day if they’re going out in the sun or that it’s ok because it’s in their foundation!

A standalone SPF is the best way to go! If you currently rely on your foundation for SPF, think about how much foundation you apply, likely 1-2 pumps at the most right? You need to use approximately one teaspoon of SPF for your face and neck … if you used that much foundation you’d be looking at some pretty heavy coverage!

My current go-to and one that has been my daily SPF for a while now is by Evy Technology. Evy is a mousse formula that contains about 60 applications per can, with a golf ball size amount being the required amount for proper coverage.

Evy Technology SPF30

EVY has been developed by Swedish skincare research and especially formulated for those with sensitive or hypersensitive skin. Their products protect against damage from both UVA and UVB rays aswell as offering protection for the skin from heat, wind and irritants such as chlorine, algae and soap.

The Daily UV Face Mousse SPF30 contains Hyaluronic Acid, collagen, vitamins C and E. It takes around 5 minutes or so for this to dry and it doesn’t leave any residue on the skin. So many SPF creams that I have used, if I touch my skin even hours later, there’s product pilling which is just yuck! Evy doesn’t do this and also makes for a perfect makeup primer. I use this every day and under makeup it is perfect.


The Sunscreen Mousse SPF30 is one I use for my body and have also used it on my face when I’ve run out of the Face Mousse. It’s a great holiday SPF if you’re going to be swimming as it is water resistant. It is non-sticky and is absorbed quickly so you don’t have to wait too long to get dressed after application.

Evy is also the brand I take on holiday with me and will be coming with me to Florida in a couple of weeks time!


SPF50 is my summer option … SPF30 is fine for the winter but I increase it to SPF50 during the summer or when on holiday. This particular bottle is the same formulation as the brown bottle above (but for the increase in factor) but has a bright pink design as €1.50 of each bottle sold goes to skin cancer research.

You can find EVY products here at EVY.com

Disclaimer: Items in this post were gifted with no obligation to review. I have also purchased these products. All opinions are my own. Links in this post are not affiliate links and as such I will not any commission on sales made using those links.

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