Boots Brush Cleaner – A quick review!

This is one product I wasn’t expecting to write a blog about as it was just one of those   impulse buys that I didn’t think would be anything to comment about!

I have already written a blog about my brush cleaning frenzy so have a read of my blog….Make up brush cleaning….a little bit of OCD!

I use the Stylpro brush cleaning device for the proper clean of my brushes but I am a little bit weird in that I will only use a brush a few times and it is in my mind ‘dirty’ and it gets put into the pile of ones to clean!   This is all well and good and yes I have plenty of brushes to keep me going but sometimes I can either be so busy that my full on brush clean doesn’t happen for ages, or I want to use a particular brush again.  The Stylpro is really great and I do still use it regularly but sometimes the brushes don’t need a deep clean!  That does serve the purpose of the main clean though so just to clarify, that still happens….as it should even when using a product like this new one I have bought.

Facetune 25.jpg

Boot’s, Clean, Makeup Brush Spot Cleaner is one that I saw at the weekend and thought it could help solve my problem for between proper brush washes!

£6 for 150ml was a lot cheaper than I paid for a premium branded version of this.

I spritzed some onto a piece of paper towel and swiped my brushes through it until they were clean then left them to dry in the brush stand.  They were dry pretty quickly and were left smelling nice too.

It is suitable for synthetic and natural brushes.

As a quick fix brush cleaning solution I am loving this!  As I mentioned, it won’t replace my proper brush cleaning but it’s a great interim!  There’s plenty of people who don’t clean their brushes at all so this is something to consider!!

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5 thoughts on “Boots Brush Cleaner – A quick review!

  1. Maya Meshoulam says:

    I love products like these, perfect for lazy people like me!
    I’m planning on flying to London in the summer, so I’ll be sure to look for this in Boots (while I raid the whole store!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beauty and The Ballroom says:

      They’re great for lazy people like me too! 😂 lets face it, I have the proper brush cleaning machine yet I can only be bothered to use it when I’ve run out of brushes 😂😂 ooh have fun in London!! This brush cleaner is so cheap you’ll have to try it 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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