It’s Beauty & The Ballroom’s 2nd Birthday!

14th October 2016 – the day that I decided to started a website to showcase a little blog that covered whatever I wanted to talk about really, predominantly Beauty and Ballroom dance … hence the title 😛

16th October 2016 – I published my first blog post, which looking back at now, I am still pleased with … it just doesn’t contain the array of photos that I would use now but take a look for yourself and see what you think!  ‘Wow! You dance? What got you into that?’


Since this time last year a lot has happened!  In fact, I thought I’d do a bit of a throwback and list some posts from the last 12 months!

October 2017 – I went to New York – this was spread over a few blogs … starting at New York City – Day 1 

November 2017 –  I posted my first ever ‘Sephora Haul’ blogpost! … Sephora Haul!

December 2017 – I mostly blogged about my Marks & Spencer’s advent calendar but the post I was most proud of was ISTD Blackpool Grand Finals 2017 which was subsequently published in the February edition of Dance News!

January 2018 – The most important part of the last 12 months was of course my career change!  Following my training, setting myself up as a Freelance Makeup Artist and so on, I haven’t looked back … apart from to re-read my blog post …  Mode Makeup – Certificate in Professional Makeup Artistry

February 2018 – Another trip away!!  This time to Iceland!  We actually went on 28th January but the blogs came in February!  The start of which was here … Iceland Day 1 – chasing the Northern Lights

March 2018 – I was gifted some gorgeous Rosie for Autograph makeup to review!  Rosie for Autograph collection

April 2018 – I was gifted some lovely Antipodes Skincare to review!  Another review for Antipodes is coming soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!  Antipodes – innovative, organic skincare

May 2018 – The Eve Appeal launched ‘Get Lippy’ to raise awareness of the five female cancers so I posted about it here … The Eve Appeal #GETLIPPY

June 2018 – Having read many posts on facebook with people asking about expiry dates of products and how long to have products open for I decided to clarify this … Beauty ‘Expiry’ and ‘PAO’ dates…do you know the difference?

July 2018 – June was a bit of a crazy month for me work-wise so blog-wise I was incredibly quiet but did manage to revisit the M&S beauty calendar to see the products that I was still using and what I thought of it.  If you haven’t seen that post, you can see it here…Revisit – M&S Beauty Advent Calendar

August 2018 – Having used it for  a while, I had to review the Clarins Double Serum … have you used it?  If not and you want to know my thoughts, check out this post … Clarins Double Serum – A Review

September 2018 – Two big things happened in September!  I was nominated for two Awards in the Hampshire Women’s Business Awards which you can read about here (please note – the voting links are now closed) I’ve been nominated for an Award!!   I also reached 2000 blog subscribers!

October 2018 – With my Blackpool competition literally around the corner, I stared blogging about my prep for it here Blackpool 2018 – The 4 week Countdown!

So … just a few posts from the last year!

Reaching 2000 subscribers also got me thinking about a Giveaway … a Giveaway that hasn’t yet happened but as we’ve now reached 2 years Blogversary, a Giveaway will be announced this week!

Thank you to each and every follower, subscriber, occasional visitor and just about anyone else who keeps coming back to read my posts!  Here’s to the next year!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments box below or on my facebook page. Check out my social media….links below🙂Facebook……….Twitter……….Instagram……..Pinterest




11 thoughts on “It’s Beauty & The Ballroom’s 2nd Birthday!

  1. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    This is amazing! Mine is literally a month after 15th Nov! I remember the first time you commented on one of my posts, I thought what a lovely girl!! We’re still here aren’t we! Blogger besties 👯. Here’s to the next twelve months!

    Samantha x

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