Blackpool 2018 – The 4 week Countdown!

Well…four weeks and four days…and counting!

As a Ballroom and Latin Dancer, the main goal for the year after competing at regional competitions, is to compete at our annual National Grand Finals which is held at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool in November.

This year is my 8th Blackpool and my 7th at the Winter Gardens as my first experience was in the Tower Ballroom, which in itself was a wonderful place to dance however the Winter Gardens is a bigger venue and is a grand sight to behold with the high ceilings and sparkling chandeliers!  It is also my first Grand Finals at Gold level which I am super excited about!


Ready for Ballroom – November 2017

The preparation for this event is year-long but there comes a point when the last regional competition has happened and the final exams for the year are completed that the countdown is on to the event of the year!  That point is now!

Looking at it from now, there’s four weeks and four days…which means I have four private lessons and four group classes to get as much practice in as possible, preparing mentally and physically for both my solo and couples events.  Preparing dresses, shoes, tan, makeup and hair, practising steps, posture and body movement… as they say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail!  I can’t control what happens on the day and whether the judges will note my number but I can control the preparation and effort that I put in to go onto that dance floor and do the best I can!

Current mood … more excitement than nervous … let’s see if I can keep it that way over the coming weeks!

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