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Josh Wood Colour – Haircare Review

I have been searching for haircare for quite a while that not only makes my hair feel soft and clean but a routine that doesn’t contain parabens or sulphates.  I have tried some products that fit the paraben and sulphate free part of the remit but have ended up leaving my hair feeling heavy and like there’s a build up of product in my hair after washing and blow-drying it.

Cue … Josh Wood Colour!

Their website is interesting in that you can complete an online consultation to get your personalised colour recommendations and find the products that would best suit your hair colour and type.  This ranges from the most suitable shade of permanent hair colour and root touch ups, to shampoos and conditioners.


I was given the opportunity to try some products of my choice based on my online consultation however I haven’t attempted to colour my hair at home since I was a teenager and as tempting as it was to opt for that, I really wanted to try their Shampoo and Conditioner!  My hair is not colour treated however these products are still suitable for me to use.


  • For all brunette shades
  • Contains advanced UV filters to prevent fade, plus saffron and turmeric to to keep brunette hair glossy and vibrant
  • Use as and when required
  • Follow with Radiating Conditioner


  • For all brunette shades
  • Contains advanced UV filters to prevent fade, plus saffron and turmeric to to keep brunette hair glossy and vibrant
  • Use after washing with Radiating Shampoo

My thoughts

The packaging for the products is sturdy with a lockable pump dispenser making them great for in the shower and also for travel with the close on the pump reducing the risk of leaking.  The shampoo is light but effective and the conditioner is lovely and smoothing – a great combination.  Combing my hair through after washing is seamless with no knots, snapping or breaking.  My hair also feels super soft once I’ve dried it.  In comparison to other sulphate and paraben free products I’ve tried this is so much better.  Other products have made my hair feel like it hasn’t been washed properly once it’s dry…not with these – my hair feels clean and light, I love them!


For more information on the whole range and for an online consultation visit Josh Wood Colour.

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Disclaimer:  These items were gifted for review by Josh Wood Colour.    All opinions expressed are my own and it was my choice to add links to any websites throughout this post.  Links throughout the post are not affiliate links.

13 thoughts on “Josh Wood Colour – Haircare Review

  1. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    Love the sound of these. I’ve heard of the brand but never tried it. Wonder if they have any for blondes. Saying that, I’ve let my darker, natural hair grow through so I’ll need half and half! I really struggle with combing my wet hair so a smoothing conditioner sounds perfect. Your hair looks fabulous!

    Samantha x

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    • Beauty and The Ballroom says:

      Yes they have blondes one too! Haha mix and match 😋. I’m really liking it and I’ve ordered some from boots now they’re on offer as I literally have about 1/4 left in the bottles. They’ve lasted quite a while too which is good. Thanks for reading xx

      Liked by 1 person

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