Sisters in Skincare!

I’ve been saying for so long that I need to get my blog posts back on track! Well, what better way to start back than announcing the launch of a new podcast that my Sister in law Jess and I have collaborated on!

Sisters in Skincare has come about because Jess and I drive our family crazy talking about makeup and skincare whenever we get together … and realistically if you looked at our text message thread … yeah it’s pretty much the same haha!

We decided a while ago that we should start recording our chats and perhaps brand focus each episode, giving a brief history of the brand, then discussing our first encounter, our thoughts on the brand along with our favourite and perhaps least favourite products…let’s face it, they’re likely to also involve general chit chat too, I get distracted waaaayy to easily! 😛

So … come and check out our podcasts clicking the links below! Also … check out Jess’ Instagram

Apple Podcast



Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments box below or on my facebook page. Check out my social media….links below


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