New York City 2018 – Day 2

This post has been a long time coming!! I posted back in December (OK, I actually didn’t realise it was that long ago since I wrote about my first day in New York!) … so if you need a recap check out that post here … New York City, Day 1

Day 2 started extremely early with waking up at 4am (thanks jet-lag!) however we did have an early start to the plans for the day also as I was booked in to Rouge Salon to have a personalised makeup tutorial and custom lipstick experience … doing well with this birthday stuff!!

At Rouge I met the lovely Lulu Acevedo, an experienced Makeup Artist (check out her Instagram here!).   I had decided that for my custom lipstick I wanted a red but one that suited me and wasn’t drying on my lips. A lot of red lipsticks don’t suit me and I find many can be quite drying but that was all to be taken care of! A personalised combination of pigments were mixed with was a gorgeous scent of my choice which was coconut and vanilla. That’s when the magic happens! The mix is poured into a mould and left to set into the typical bullet shaped lipstick. Once set, the case is put over it to pull it from the mould and there you have it! It’s pretty cool watching it all happening too! The inscription on the side could have been anything but I chose ‘NEW YORK‘ for obvious reasons!

After making my lipstick, it was makeover time! As a Makeup Artist, I know how I work but it’s always good to see how others work and pick up tips and tricks along the way. When asked if there was anything I’d like to learn my answer was eyeliner on me! I can do it on others yet on me, I can never seem to get it ‘right’. Lulu applied my makeup to one side of my face, pausing after each product and getting me to copy her on the other side which I thought was a great way for someone to learn how to apply makeup rather than sitting and watching or having it all applied to them. Using my new red lipstick to complete the look I was ready to hit the town!

Completed look from Rouge Salon

Shopping in New York … what I actually bought, I will keep for another post but lets just say there was no spending money left over this time!! 😛

We mixed the shopping in with some sight seeing, checking out the New York Public Library and showing the boys where ‘The Day After Tomorrow‘ was filmed and the iconic Grand Central Station including the Whispering Corner which they thought was pretty strange that you can whisper in one corner and have what you said heard from the corner diagonally opposite!

Dinner was pre-booked at Carmine’s which is by Times Square. We were told to check this restaurant out by someone at JFK airport when we visited in 2017, which we did but after an hour wait in the bar as it’s so popular. This time my husband had booked in so that we knew we wouldn’t have the queue! The food is great but the portions are huge! Family dining without a doubt!

After an incredibly long day with so much walking, shopping and sightseeing it was time to head back to the hotel ready for another day of walking tomorrow. Day 3’s blog post will be posted with much less of a delay!! 😛

To be continued…..

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