Christmas Beauty Brawl Day 10

It’s the final day of the Christmas Beauty Brawl, day 10.  The day 10 item is Mascara so I’ve picked one that so far I have not reviewed on my blog but I am loving it!

The Maybelline Faux Cils Push Up Angel is one that I picked up in Boots for £7.99 which I think is a great price for such a good mascara.

I have tried many mascaras and get fed up with them either being clumpy, flaky, or just simply ending up giving me black eyes by the end of the day thanks to smudging so I continue to try others.  Sometimes some of the bigger brushes can be annoying after completing my eyeshadow, applying mascara and having it print up onto my eyelid!

This mascara wand is more like a comb which is great as I can apply this to my lashes without a chunky brush getting in the way!  The smaller comb also means that there isn’t too much product being applied in one swipe.  It is great for getting to smaller lashes also including the lower lash line.   One coat is enough to give good coverage but this can be built without clumps (presumably too many coats would with any mascara) but a couple of coats looks great!

Scores from 100?


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