Balanceme Rose Otto Face Oil, M&S beauty advent calendar

M&S Beauty Calendar Day 21

Three weeks of December have gone….how on earth did that happen so fast?   This month has probably been the busiest month so I’m certainly looking forward to the Christmas break!!

Day 21 of the M&S Beauty Calendar is:

Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil

Balanceme Rose Otto Face Oil, M&S beauty advent calendar

I always describe my skin on my blog as being oily / combination, which to be fair during the winter, is probably more combination.  This has only been the case since I began ‘proper’ skincare routines and figuring out what would be best for my skin.  Oils on oily skin is something that I avoided and used face washes that essentially were stripping all oil from my skin …. vicious circle meaning my skin was more oily!  Introducing oils into my skincare routine have helped it no end!  Using oil based cleansers, oils at night time, oily serums and so on and ok my skin isn’t perfect but it’s certainly better than what it used to be!  (I don’t use all of these together by the way…just incorporated where and when needed).

The Balance Me Rose Otto Face Oil is rich in antioxidants and fragranced with Rose Otto, aiming to calm, strengthen, plump and nourish skin.  It is designed to be massaged into cleansed skin morning and evening.  I think oils are a bit much for my skin during the day unless I’m staying home all dat, in which case I will apply as a treatment, but at night, oils are great and my skin feels great the next morning so this is how I would use this one.  Read more at M&S Website.

This is alcohol free and paraben free and suitable for combination skin.  Oils are great for helping to balance combination skin.

At £32 for 30ml, this 10ml so worth £10.67!  I can’t wait to try this!

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