Nars Exhibit A Blusher

Christmas Beauty Brawl Day 9

The penultimate day of the Christmas Beauty Brawl is ‘Blusher’ so I picked one that was a bit of a shock to those whom I was talking to about makeup at the Dance Competition Makeup Workshop.  A gasp as I presented Nars Exhibit A as my latest addition to my blushers that I would use for dance competitions!

Nars Exhibit A Blusher

This blush isn’t just for full on striking makeup however, it can look gorgeous as a day to day blush, it’s all down to how you apply it.  The key is to start with not much product on the brush and being sure to tap off any excess then applying lightly, building as you go until you get the desired look!  When I am at a dance comp, I am fully tanned and can quite safely just dip into this (tap off the excess of course!) and go for it!

Nars Blusher Exhibit A

I am a NARS blush fan and this is my third blush that I have.  All of their products are amazing and I love the fact their blush is so pigmented and the wear time is great too.

Packaging wise, it’s sleek and classic NARS with an integral mirror which I love about it.

Price wise, £24….not the cheapest but this is a premium beauty brand so I think the price is to be expected perhaps?  They do last a long long time!  I haven’t hit the pan on any of my NARS blushers!

Scores from 100?


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