Dance Competition Makeup Workshop

In October, with the preparations for the Grand Finals competition in Blackpool under way, I attended a dance workshop which was a session on both Ballroom and Latin tips and ideas on ways to improve aspects such as performance.  Learning how to walk on and off the floor may sound like something you can just ‘do’ but there’s more to it than that!  Strutting, posing and dancing with mops, balloons and packets of skittles may make it sound a bit crazy but our Dance Teachers know their stuff and it really helped to prepare for what is the biggest dance event in our calendar!

Following the dance workshop, I was given the opportunity to present a Makeup workshop to fellow Dancers.  My makeup journey in terms of dancing has always been fun and I’ve had others ask me if I could help them with their makeup look.   I don’t want to digress to much as I will post separately about this but just to briefly explain, next year, I am taking a huge leap and completely changing my career and training as a Makeup Artist!  This was the perfect opportunity to have a go at presenting makeup tips and tricks, something I have not done for years since I used to sell for what was Virgin Vie!

The workshop was aimed at everyone…….anyone who either wanted to know how to tweak what they currently do with their makeup, to those who have no idea where to start!

We covered everything from primer to lashes and everything in between and dropped a few hints and tips in for the ladies to try too.  The lovely group at the workshop had individual needs in terms of what they wanted help with or advice on so as well as speaking in general about how to achieve the ‘Dance Competition look’ everyone had a go at applying their makeup based on how I apply mine and Vicki and I got to everyone on a more individual level also.

The main thing with the Ballroom dance look is to be bold and bright.  Dancing under the lights of the ballroom really requires a strong and dramatic look!  Bold, bright lips, bold and bright eyes, fluttering false lashes, bright blush and highlighter all lend to the perfect look!  I wish I had a camera to hand for the moment I held up the two blush shades that I mix together!  Bright is probably an understatement!

The workshop was fun – certainly for me anyway!  Who doesn’t like playing with makeup??!!  😛


Watch this space for my list of ideal products to use for creating the Ballroom Dance makeup look.   Thank you to Vicki at DanceRite for allowing me to take the lead in the workshop and helping the ladies in their makeup side of their dance journey!

Here’s the post-workshop photos with thanks to Fredric Frennessen


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