Beauty Blender

Christmas Beauty Brawl Day 1

Christmas Beauty Brawl Day 1 and almost half way through December!   Following my introduction post Christmas Beauty Brawl, here is the first product of the brawl.

Base Makeup Application Product

This has to be The Original Beauty Blender.  I have used many foundation sponges and blending sponges and found this to be the best by far.  I find that brushes don’t tend to give me the finish I want but the Beauty Blender does.  To use it in the right way, it needs to be dampened prior to use but what this does is increase the surface area of the sponge and also enables an even finish.

Beauty Blender

I use mine not only to apply my foundation but also my contour, highlight and cream blusher….really anything that requires blending and that can be ‘bounced’ onto the skin.  I don’t stop at cream products either as the sponge works great to apply setting powder or even powdered bronzer and blusher.  I do tend to then go over the powder products with a fluffy brush but essentially, all application can be done with this one sponge.  I do clean mine after every use and they are meant to be thrown away after 3 months of usage too so for hygiene-sake please do make sure any makeup sponge (and brush for that matter) is cleaned regularly as they are ideal places for bacteria to breed and that’s the last thing you need to be applying to your face!!  Cleaning is super easy as you can get the sponges with a cleanser block included or they do sell a liquid cleanser.  When I don’t have any of these, I use anti-bacterial hand wash and a little baby shampoo mixture and then rinse it really well.

Beauty Blender

Packaging-wise, I think it is great!  The Beauty Blender comes in a plastic pot which I do not throw away.  When I have used and cleaned my Beauty Blender I will then sit it on top of the open pot as once it is dry is shrinks back down to the size it was and drops into the pot.  Allowing it to fully dry before storage is also key to keeping bacteria at bay!  When travelling, I do tend to also pop the lid back onto the pot.

Priced at £16 it is not the cheapest ‘sponge’ on the market but in honesty, I have tried high end and low end sponges and so far, nothing compares to the quality of this one nor the comfort of using it.  I have a few of these and I will continue to buy them!

Scores out of 100?


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