Christmas Beauty Brawl

Something slightly different in this post as I’m taking part in a kind of challenge set by the lovely Beth from La Blog Beaute who is running a Beauty Brawl.

So…for ten days I will be reviewing my version of the ten items on the list as set in the brawl challenge and scoring the products on their price, packaging and the product itself. To make it even more fun, the products will be rated as festive Top Trump cards!!

The product categories that I will be choosing my products for are:

1. Base Makeup Application Product

2. Nail Polish

3. Hair Mask

4. Lip Treatment

5. Eyeshadow palette (warm toned)

6. Facial Primer

7. Berry Toned Lipstick

8. Face Mask

9. Blush

10. Mascara

The great thing is that I probably have something in my recent hauls to cover each of these sections so I will return with my first Brawl post.

Check out the other bloggers posts too by following @BeautyBrawlChat on Twitter and Instagram or by using the hashtag #BeautyBrawl.

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