M&S Beauty Advent Calendar Day 12

Another gem in the M&S beauty advent calendar today!  Day 12 is:

Alpha -H Liquid Gold Rose


I have used the original Alpha-H Liquid Gold which I have continued to use since reviewing it in January and I love it.  It is super gentle yet effective as my skin feels super soft the following morning.

This latest limited edition Rose version is infused with Rose which is a ‘moisture-binding’ ingredient.  As exfoliation products can leave skin feeling dry (I have to say, I have never experienced this with Liquid Gold but some exfoliators can!), having any additional moisturising ingredients in there is only going to be a huge plus!

It is used in the same way as the original so following cleansing in the evening, applying as a toner and then following with serum and moisturiser (if you choose to), or leaving to work on it’s own for a more intense treatment.  I have never applied anything over the top of the original product and have had no negative effect so it doesn’t suddenly make it really harsh just because you haven’t followed it with other products but by choice you can layer once this is dry (which isn’t long).

This is paraben free and suitable for all skin types.  It is a resurfacing product and contains Glycolic Acid so be sure to use SPF when using this product.  I use SPF anyway unless I am staying indoors all day but products like this can increase your skin’s sensitivity when exposed to the sun so SPF is crucial!

Price-wise, this is £37 per 100ml which is the usual retail size.  This trial size is a 50ml bottle so is worth £18.50!!  It’s only day 12 and this advent calendar has been more than value for money!!

I’m looking forward to trying this and I will review and compare it soon.

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