My week in Instagram pics!

I thought I’d post a bit of a different post and perhaps make a feature of it so I’d love to know what you think of this type of post and whether to keep posting these!

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Here’s the past week for me on Instagram from Monday 3rd April to Sunday 9th April which included a milestone of reaching 1000 followers!

Facetune 26

Day 2 of the #aprilflatlaychallenge was ‘Butterflies’ so here’s a few of my favourite products that I used on my competition day to help ‘transfor’ me into a dancer!

Facetune 27

Day 3 of the #aprilflaylaychallengre is ‘Daisies’.  Daisies always make me think of sitting on the grass at school making daisy chains in the summer.  These Clinique mini chubby hippies are nice and summery too!  🙂

Facetune 28

Day 4 of #aprilflaylaychallenge was ‘Diamonds’.  These are crystal elements so in my eyes as good as!  I received these beautiful glass nail files decorated in Swarovski Elements Crystals!  These were sent to me by @Montbleueu for review!  Blog post to follow!


I did it!  I reached 1000 followers!  For some this isn’t a massive deal but it’s an achievement for me 🙂


Day 5 of the #aprilflatlaychallenge was ‘Rainy days’ ….Rainy days are for playing with Flat lays!!!

Facetune 29

Friday night makeup choices for a night out at a friend’s surprise 21st birthday party!


Getting som use from the brighter shades in the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette but for a daytime look.


My nails have been quite neglected recently!  Polish doesn’t last long on me and they also split and chip so I’ve finally tried my nail files from @Montbleueu

Facetune 30

Day 9 of the #aprilflatlaychallenge is ‘Rainbows’ ….. this has to be the most rainbow thing I have!!

95FC4CC4-5432-41FF-8B8B-62120DAFE342 2

Saturday v. Sunday using the same palette but on Sunday applying a white eyeshadow base first!

Facetune 31

Makeup of the day for Sunday!

Shall I keep updating my ‘week on Instagram’?  Let me know in the comments below…or if you’re reading this via a Facebook or Twitter link feel free to head back to the link and leave your comment there if you don’t have a  wordpress account!

I’d love to know your thoughts!

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