#makeupmusthaves challenge – day 24


I have a bit of a weird issue when it comes to lip balms in that I tend to be able to use a lip balm for so long, then my lips get dry and sore, almost as if the lip balm is making it worse rather than better.  I have used all kinds but bin them when they don’t seem to work for me anymore.  Likewise if I come out in a cold sore, which I do when I am run down, I will bin whatever lip care I was using at the time….maybe an over reaction but I don’t fancy a cold sore spreading!  (By the way…the one thing I would recommend again and again for cold sores is Lysine ointment…you can get it from Holland & Barrett and it really does work!)

img_1332The lip balm I am currently using is the Forever Living Aloe Sun Lips and I have been using this most days for the last couple of months and it is great.  I use it every morning and night at least, when applying the rest of my skincare but also during the day if I feel I need to.

It is a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection containing Jojoba seed oil for moisturisation and aloe vera for it’s soothing action.   It has more of a vaseline-type of feel to it  but with a cooling mint sensation when applied.

Forever do another lip balm but I opted not to try that as it contains propylparaben but Sun Lips does not.  I have mentioned before that I will favour a product that does not contain parabens over one that does due to the link with parabens and breast cancer.    I’ve said before though, I am sure many products I use contain parabens, but I will reduce my exposure to them where I can.

I can recommend Sun Lips if you have dry lips especially during the winter.

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