Day 23 – Gift Tip

I think the only tip I could offer is in a bid to avoid stressing…planning in advance what you’re going to buy.    I however am rubbish at this, and the reason I offer it as a tip is that it is something that is going to be a bit of a New Year’s Resolution for me!  I am terrible at leaving things til the last minute and then have to stress about getting out and then when I’m out, what am I looking for?  Under the pressure, it is impossible to find the right gift, and not only that, impulse buying is often not great so you could end up buying something for the sake of having something to give.  My aim for 2017 is to at the end of each month, make a list of who has a birthday on the following month, make a list of possible gifts I might want to look at, then set a time aside to go and get the present without pressure.  Done!  Let’s see how that goes next year!  😛

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