Day 23….Christmas Eve Eve!

Today’s advent treat was 5ml of Studio 10 Miracle Effect Serum.   The claims of this product make it one I was keen to try out and given the price tag I thought maybe this is some amazing stuff!  I’ve read mixed reviews on this and it is literally one end of the scale or the other.  People either love it and say it is amazing and others simply say it is a waste of money!

Claims to:
Visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles by up to 16% within 15 minutes – 42% after 6 weeks
Reduces age spots and pigmentation by up to 15% after 6 weeks – 22% after 12 weeks
Improves skin firmness by up to 95% within one hour of use – 172% after 6 weeks
Skin hydration after 12 hours was increased by 160%
Luminosity was increased by up to 14% after 6 weeks
Improves puffiness and dark circles
Reduces enlarged pores
Comes with the perfect blend of anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredients, plus hydrating and rejuvenating, necessary for renewing and repairing mature skins
Completely re-defines the complexion and creates the ultimate perfect canvas for make up
Helps to diminish the appearance of pores – age spots and pigmentation appear less visible
Improves the look of dark circles
Helps to boost skin hydration and elasticity
100% of users saw significant visible results within 15 minutes. Long-term benefits seen within two weeks of continued use
Rich in type 1 collagen, hyaluronic acid and a synergistic complex of yeast saponosides and flavonoids    M&S Website

This serum is £68 for 15ml!  Just over £22 for this 5ml sample alone, I really thought this should work!  (Not that I expect miracles from any product!)

It is quite a thick serum dispensed by a pump and 2 pumps is enough for the whole face.  I can only comment on a first impression so the packaging is neat and having the pump dispenser keeps the product hygienic.  Despite being a thick serum it is absorbed pretty quick.  As for noticing a difference within 15minutes (confirmed by 100% of users…) ….nope!  Didn’t happen for me anyway!  I’m not sure what I was expecting but some kind of reaction perhaps?    That said I can’t say that it had any negative effects on my skin either so in terms of what it may do to help my skin in the long term…jury has to be out on that one as this is purely a trial of it for the sake of a first impression.   I’ve been wearing this for a few hours now and my pores across my nose do feel a little smoother than normal so perhaps it would be good to try under makeup.

Have you used this?  Did you notice any immediate effect?

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