High-end Favourite…….Hourglass

Hourglass is probably the one brand that I wish I could own more of!  The products that I do have are probably some of the most expensive that I have!  I currently have the Ambient Lighting Palette, which I have talked about before in #MAKEUPMUSTHAVESCHALLENGE Day 3 and the Mineral Veil Primer.  I have also trailed a sample of the Immaculate Liquid foundation which I wrote about in My ‘Wishlist’ Foundation.  The only reason I don’t own the foundation is the price.  A high end brand with prices to match make this a ‘wishlist’ foundation that I cannot justify whilst I have so many other foundations on the go!  I think I would be more than tempted if I ever saw an offer on this!!   The primer is amazing and so far seems to work under every foundation that I have.  Skin feels incredibly smooth and soft on application and it helps to keep foundation in place.  The palette as I’ve said before is gorgeous powders to help create a soft focus finish to makeup.

There are other products from Hourglass that I would like to try….have you tried any?

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