My something Pink for day 18 was actually going to be my day 15 as a ‘Must buy’ but I thought I’d save it for today’s one as it is of course PINK!

It is of course the Original Beauty Blender 🙂


Yes there are dupes out there and one that springs to mind as the most commonly compared is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which I have a few of so I’m not going to say they’re bad or anything…they’re great, they work fine!

I have the version also that Dior do, which is the same price as the Beauty Blender.  That is one purchase I was disappointed in as the sponge is quite hard by comparison and the cheap Beauty Blender dupes are probably better in my opinion!

I have a few other dupes that I have picked up in TK Maxx which I couldn’t tell you the brand as I wouldn’t have a clue post throwing the packaging away and they’re ok too….BUT….there is something about this little pink sponge that makes it my ultimate favourite tool hands down for applying foundation, concealer, blending my contour and highlight, and as I’ve recently learned via good old YouTube….applying loose powder!

It is unbelievably soft and blends to perfection.  When wet (as I use all of my sponges), the surface area increases so that you have more to work with when applying foundation making it much easier to apply and blend.   I also find I use slightly less foundation using this sponge as it is designed to not absorb product.

When I have used it, I wash it in warm water with a bit of anti-bacterial hand gel, then leave it on top of the open container that it comes in, and as it shrinks back to it’s original size it eventually pops itself back into the pot, ready for the lid to then be put on for storing.  I actually find this original one easier to fully clean than the other versions (including the Dior one), I can squeeze this out better than I can the others as I find the material of the others to be a bit tougher.

I hadn’t intended to buy one of these despite wanting one…reading reviews, watching YouTube clips and so on, but when I saw one on a day out in London….I just had to try it.  I’m glad I did, but now I want another one…yes I do only have 1….then lots of dupes!  I have however been saving my Boots points so may decide to treat myself to a new one 😛

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