Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream was in box 20 of my M&S Advent calendar 🙂

It is claimed to make your skin look like you’ve had 8 hours sleep even when you haven’t….I’d say I’m the perfect candidate to really put this to the test!! Haha!

Results: Clinically proven and independently tested. Transform your skin with 10 amazing benefits after just 4 weeks. Skin appears less fatigued deep lines appear reduced age spots firmer skin. Skin looks healthier improved elasticity skin feels softer and more supple imperfections appear reduced brighter, radiant skin. Skin feels comfortable and protected through out the night.  M&S website

I tried this on my hand just to test the texture and scent etc.  The texture is a lovely soft cream which is quite thick, a typical night cream, but what I was surprised about is how quickly, for a thick cream, it soaked into my skin.  It was fully absorbed within around 5 minutes.  I have found night time creams in the past tend to feel quite heavy after application, but this was almost like I had applied a day-time cream in terms of how easily absorbed it is.  The scent, I absolutely love!  It has a sweet scent to it that I cannot quite place.  That said I have never had a face cream with this scent and I am not sure if it will be too over-bearing….I hope not as it smells and feels lovely.  I will be trying this on my face tonight as I do not currently have any moisturisers that I use after my night time serum.  When I blog about box 21 tomorrow, I will update you on what I thought of this product.  Proper results to the claims are expected between 2 and 4 weeks, with some people reviewing the product having noticed a difference after a few nights so if I like this product, it may be one to review again in the future 🙂

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