Limited Edition!

The limited edition product that I own is housed within the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette.  I absolutely love this palette – it is great as a subtle day to day bit of colour/contour/highlight, or on top of full makeup to provide the intended ‘filter’ by hiding flaws and imperfections in the skin.

It is almost impossible to get a decent photo of this where it truly shows how lovely these shades are.  Dim light and Radiant light which are at either end are available as single powders, however the Incandescent light in the middle is not.  This shade is limited to this palette.  Dim light is the shade I would say is my favourite as this is great to be used all over the face, Radiant light is a lovely warm bronze tone which is great to use where a contour would be put (this is very subtle).   Incandescent light is the highlighter and it provides a very soft, subtle pearlescent highlight to the tops of the cheeks, under the eyebrow, centre of the nose and cupid’s bow.  Anywhere that would be naturally highlighted when lights hits the face.

Although we are taking about ‘limited edition’ on this post, whereby I’m telling you about this certain shade, despite this being one of my all time favourite products, the one downside (I don’t know how many other users have found this) but after a few months (and I don’t use this every day), the case no longer closes.  The case springs back open when I try to close it, so to me, the shelf life is reduced by this as air can get in.  The shelf life of this is 12 months, which in fairness I am almost up on now so I am not sure if I will repurchase or not.  I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has had this problem so let me know!

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  1. Beauty and The Ballroom says:

    Thanks! It is definitely pricey…I researched it a lot for reviews and went into SpaceNK to try it out. I think I also bought it with birthday money….so it was kind of free hahaha (I’ll find any excuse to justify!!) Even if I don’t buy the palette again, Dim Light is also available in a travel version that I think is about £20…I’ve got that on my Xmas list as it’s a good all over finishing powder but also a better price point to try one of the powders if you’re not wanting to spend almost 3 times on the palette x


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