Always with me…..well I guess my mobile phone doesn’t count as a makeup must have  😛 so I’ll go for another thing that is always in my handbag…well two things anyway….

  1.  Nail File

My nails break stupidly easily and they always split quite low down.  The problem is, if they split and I don’t file it straight away, I mess about with it and do even more damage!


2.  Travel perfume atomiser

This is a brilliant little must have for the handbag, or evening bag as it is so small 🙂  You just pop the bottle out of the casing, fill it up with your perfume, pop it back in the case and you’re ready to go.  Mine currently has ‘Flowerbomb’ by Victor and Rolf…my favourite perfume at the moment 🙂

Tomorrow’s challenge is on brush collection!  Be warned….this could be a long post!!!!  😛

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