Nails!!!  I got a nail product!  Day 8 of my M&S advent calendar was this gorgeous pinky nail varnish in the shade ‘Cranberry’ by Autograph.


I’ll admit I was glad it wasn’t another skin care product as I need to give my skin a break from trying new things for a week or so, so I was pleased with this 🙂

This nail colour as it says on the front is an ‘All in one’ – so it is a base coat, colour and top coat, all in one.  That said, I did apply a base coat first, in part because I struggle to get colour to stay on my nails, but also in part because I didn’t read the bottle first!  😛

Fragrance free, alcohol free and the one I like to see…paraben free.  A lot of nail polishes have that really nasty chemical smell to them the second you open the bottle…this doesn’t.  Not that I go around sniffing nail varnish of course haha!   With Argan oil and Vitamin E, it should be good to your nails too!

I came home from work sick toady because I have viral bronchitis 😦 so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to paint my nails while I am ‘resting’ because the fumes were likely to set me coughing like a lot of other things do…..spray deodorants, perfume etc…so I opened it anyway just to see.  It didn’t irritate my chest at all, there were no harsh fumes coming from it (which also means my hubby can’t complain when I paint my nails as he hates the smell of nail varnish!!)

It definitely needed 2 coats of colour, the bottle doesn’t say how many to use but it needs 2 either way.   The wide brush makes for a good coverage of the nail and the colour is gorgeous in my opinion….like I don’t have enough pink nail polishes but as you can see in the photo below of my ‘collection’…..there are varying shades of pink too…..I realised as I was taking the photos that I have 35 pinks…..oh dear!IMG_3704.jpg  😛 😛 😛

As far as the calendar goes, again impressed as this is a full size product, 11ml worth £11.

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