Day 6 of the #Makeupmusthaveschallenge is Cosy Evening πŸ™‚

I associate this with during the winter mostly …. so for me if it’s cold outside, I love to put a film on, get the popcorn and PJs, bring the duvet down to the sofa and the kids do the same πŸ™‚

During the summer, we went to Wales….it was Summer but still cold!! Β We took the kids and the dog to Haven and stayed in a caravan. Β The Saturday night was so chilly and rainy outside so we put the fire on, made hot chocolate, got the sweets and choccies out, added in a beer for Stu and a fruit cider for me and started with a family game of monopoly (my youngest’s favourite game!!) and it was lovely. Β The dog just chilled out in front of the fire and after we played the game, we watched the Olympics on the TV.

IMG_7479 2.jpg

Cassie chilled out watching the Olympics πŸ™‚

Times like that are all about creating memories and spending time together when it’s so difficult these days to get the kids away from their computers and phones! Β  (It did help that there was no internet in the caravan!!)

I look forward to the Christmas break as we have a week off work and going on current miserable weather, it’ll be a perfect chance to have some cosy evenings in πŸ™‚

How do you spend your cosy evenings?

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