Halloween makeup trial!

Do you wanna play a game???????………well actually….do you want to train for 2 hours at the gym on Halloween night is more the question!!   Not to me obviously….I’ll just put that out there!  My sister Sarah trains a heck of a lot and Monday night she has a 2 hour training session in fancy dress….so the question to me was…Monday…6pm…wanna do this makeup on me?  Along with a picture of Jigsaw from the film Saw!

I need to try and achieve this look in around 30minutes as I have a fitness class to be at!  So today we had a little trial run and it’s a good job we did!  A trip to the fancy dress shop for faceprint and a rummage through my makeup draw….we got to work!

The resulting photo is of 2 halves.  One using a base of Makeup FX face paint base in white(right side looking at the photo), and the other is using a ground up white eyeshadow! (left side looking at the photo)

img_1650  We thought that the face paint would make a great base…tried dry, it wouldn’t blend onto her face properly and wet it applied much better, but wasn’t the best option when applying the rest of the makeup as I won’t have much time to allow layers to dry when it comes to applying it tomorrow!

The other side of her face, the base was an old crumbled up white eyeshadow.  It has a slight shimmer so won’t look good mixed with sweat during training!!  So tomorrow I’m off to town to find a matte one!

Other makeup was applied easier.  In this instance is was Bobbi Brown Long wear gel eyeliner in Black Ink.  I used this as a base all over the lid and upto the crease, then underneath the eye and through the waterline and lower lash line.



img_1657This was then set using a matte black eyeshadow powder from a Sephora set I bought in Spain.

The shade used was the 4th down in the 1st column.  I then applied the rusty colour next to it as a contour in the crease and to slightly blend out the black under the eye.

Moving onto the brown shade next to those, I applied it from the inner side of the eyebrow, down the nose and in a round cheek contour.

A red lipstick was applied to her lips and then using a small eyeliner brush, I used the red to draw the spirals on the cheeks.

Black lines from the corners of the lips down to the chin were done using the Bobbi Brown eyeliner as was the eyebrows!  Talk about multi-tasking product!  😛

Tomorrow I will be doing this side as a whole face….and hopefully within half an hour!  I’ll be posting the final picture on here tomorrow, and on Instagram and Twitter so give me a follow!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments box below or on my facebook page. Follow me on Instagram: beautyandtheballroom and Twitter:  @Mazzo7 xx

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