A quick review!

I’ve mentioned a few times that I have dry skin under my eyes…..I also don’t tend to go to bed early and always look tired around my eyes if I’ve been lazy and not applied my eye cream before bed!

There is one product that I only buy as a real treat but my gosh it’s worth it!  It actually works!

The product I am talking about Estēe Lauder Stress Relief Eye Mask.  I received a freebie one of these to try some time ago and my eyes felt amazing after use so I did treat myself to a box.


There are 10 treatments in the box, each treatment sachet contains 2 under eye sheets, saturated in product.  When you have separated them and applied them under each eye, you relax for 10 minutes to allow it to work.  I tend to apply them after getting out of the shower and leave them to work while I dry my hair 🙂

(The photos below are of the pads under my eyes….they’re transparent masks that sit under the eye and round towards the temples)

The remaining product when the pads have been removed, just needs to be patted in to the eye area and left to soak in.  It does dry quite quickly and doesn’t cause and make up application issues for concealer.  If anything, after using these masks, I find makeup looks a lot better as my eyes look a lot more awake!  I have used this on the morning of a dance lesson and my Teacher has looked at me puzzled saying….’You look different today…’ and then realised it was my eyes and said ‘It’s your eye-bags….they’ve gone!’   (Yes, he did get away with that comment!)  🙂

A photo can only show a slight difference but a photo cannot describe how lovely my under eye feels after using this.  Next time I use them I will take some photos including with makeup.  I don’t use these every week despite my eyes probably needing it!  It is a treat!

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