Halloween makeup!

My 10 year old, after saying he didn’t want to go Trick or Treating this year because of the hype and scare mongering with clowns, came home from school at 3.30pm saying ‘Mum, can I go Trick of Treating at 5?‘     What?????  I have nothing for you to wear!  For his school disco I had used an Asda face paint then threw it in the bin, cut up and old t-shirt and trousers and those too went in the bin after the disco!


School Disco Halloween look using face paints!

So….off we went for a mad dash to the Halloween shop in town for a basic outfit and given face paints would take far too long to apply in the half an hour I would have after getting home, I decided to try using make up!

I wish I had used makeup the first time!  This look literally took 5 minutes!!

Using a white face powder from Claire’s Accessories and a big fluffy bronzing (how ironic!) brush….applied a few layers of the powder which had quite a good colour payoff for a basic powder!  Then using my crease blender brush and my Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette, starting with shade Password, then making it a little deeper shading it with Dagger throughout the whole eye area.  Using a mix of those 2 shades, I drew contouring lines on his face and then down from his mouth.

As I said on Instagram…..being able to pull the face of a ‘stroppy little s**t’ comes in handy at this time of year!  😛


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