Cult Beauty Advent Calendar 2021 – Day 1

Cult Beauty Advent Calendar 2021

This year I decided to treat myself to one of the more premium beauty advent calendars and upon release managed to bag myself a Cult Beauty calendar within minutes! It totally sold out not long after! As much as I saw briefly what was in the calendar based on the website information, I haven’t read the booklet that came with it and am just opening it day by day so it’s lots of surprises!

Today was a lovely surprise! The smile on my face when I opened box 1 to find the Jordan Samuel Hydrate The Mist! I first tried the mist in 2019 before they launched in the UK. I was heading to Disney World, Florida so placed an order to be delivered to my hotel room! Of course not long after that, Jordan Samuel Skin launched in the UK.

Jordan Samuel Skin – Hydrate The Mist

It is a super hydrating mist which I find cooling and soothing on the skin. I’ve used it during my skincare routine and also during the day for an added hydration hit.

You can find more about this here: Cult Beauty – Jordan Samuel Skin (*Not affiliated)

Price wise, the 120ml doesn’t seem to be available on Cult Beauty at the moment but I’m pretty sure it’s around £26 from memory…

Have you tried anything from Jordan Samuel Skin? Also … what calendar do you have this year? I’d love to know!

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