4th Blogversary

I can’t believe Beauty and The Ballroom is four years old today!

I started blogging because of my love for all things beauty and dancing … and despite not having time to blog as often as I used to, it’s always been a space to shout about products and updates on dancing. Current times and the impact of Covid-19 with lockdown and so on, you’d think I would have been able to write more … bizzarely it had the opposite effect and I didn’t really feel able to write. I have tons of posts that I’ve started but haven’t finished and published! I’m determined to get those done however, and also write about some of the makeup ‘Lockdown Looks’ I have been doing … playing with makeup is always a cathartic thing for me!

Thank you to my subscribers, followers and occasional readers for clicking on my blogs and having a read, I promise, there’ll be more soon!

Rachel xx

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