Odacité Po + R Hydration Serum Concentrate

Spotlight on … Odacité PO+R Hydration Serum

My next ‘Spotlight on …’ is another serum and as with the Mauli Supreme Skin serum, this was also from the Caroline Hirons x Space NK ‘Clean decoded’ box.

Pomegranate, Rose geranium and Vitamin E make up this serum to combat dry and dehydrated skin. I was keen to try it despite not having the ‘dry’ skin type but I’m always working on hydration with my skin, espeically because I like to use acid products and as I am at the moment, also using Tretinoin, hydration is super important.

Odacité Po + R Hydration Serum Concentrate
Odacité Po + R Hydration Serum Concentrate
What’s in it?

Pomegranate oil – this helps to reduce skin inflammation, improve skin texture, hydrate and revive the skin.

Rose Geranium – known to help promote mood and ‘harmonise emotions’, said to also have antidepressant qualities to provide balance.

Vitamin E – used in skincare as an antioxidant, it helps to protect the skin from external aggressors.

So why did this product stand out?

To use this serum you can either mix a few drops in your moisturiser and apply it that way, or directly to the skin for an intensive treatment. I tired mixed in and neat and loved it either way. The scent is divine and absolutely agree it helps to lift my mood! It felt super luxurious to apply and my skin felt hydrated, calm and pampered after every use. Even though this has an oil texture, it is absorbed well into the skin and mixed perfectly with any moisturiser that I mixed it with. I really enjoyed having this as part of my skincare routine and am definitely sad I’ve run out!!

Would I buy this again?

5ml of this serum is £41 which means it’s way out of my current budget however, I would absolutely buy this again if budget allowed as it’s a really lovely serum that made my skin feel fantastic!

More info: Space NK

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