New York City 2018 – Final Day

As if the almost 32,000 steps wasn’t enough on the day before, our last day in New York was more walking. I honestly wouldn’t do it differently! That said, maybe we’ll experience the train system or a ride in a yellow cab one day but walking around such an amazing city is great … there’s plenty of time to rest your feet on the plane journey home! Haha!

We started the day with a visit to Times Square and the obligatory ‘sitting on the red steps’ photos then did a final bit of shopping in places like Hersheys, Gap, Levis and of course making sure I’d been into as many branches of Sephora I could – which as you’ll see by the second to last photo below, my eldest was so impressed with! 😛

We had quite a few hours to kill until our pick up for the airport so we did find ourselves wandering around. As we had arrived on Thanksgiving everywhere was so festive so just walking really got us in the mood for Christmas despite only being the end of November. Christmas arrives in shops in the UK far too early and doesn’t really develop in the run up so to see everything in New York felt super festive.

Our ride back to the airport was another Limo! This particular one was much better than the suspension-lacking ‘Uncle Buck’ type of ride that had picked us up on arrival! The flight home was one that brought my anxiety over flying back to the surface. As a night flight, turbulence seems worse I think in part because it’s disorienting as the blinds all had to be closed so you can’t focus on the clouds and know it’s all ok! The crew were obviously keen to get food service done and dusted quickly because the Captain had already announced that they were expecting turbulent weather ahead.

I was hoping perhaps to sleep on the flight home, or get engrossed in a film but the turbulence was so bad I sat there crying my eyes out through fear! I had previously read a book on ‘The Easy Way to Enjoy Flying’ which I will post about as it’s a fantastic book because I can generally fly much easier than I could before but the fear grabbed me this time and I was panicking. Luckily having wifi, I could connect my phone and message a friend and chat…turbulence sends my husband off to sleep – the man who ‘can’t sleep on planes‘ doesn’t seem to have an issue when you’re being rocked like a baby in a car seat going over cobbles!

So, a few months on and I’ve finally finished posting about New York 2018! I honestly still can’t believe it happened! It’s super surreal to think I went for a spa day with a friend and was on a plane 24 hours later heading for such an amazing place for a few days with Stuart and the boys. Arriving in the ‘city that never sleeps‘ to Christmas themed shopping and sight seeing, staying in wonderful hotels and being away from home for a while.

This year holds another trip to America but this time it’s Disney! In fact, we had booked Disney before I knew anything about New York…but at least I can get involved in the planning for that!!

As for the shopping … that post is coming soon!!

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