Deciem Haul – Black Friday!

Black Friday holds some heavy expectations when it comes to brand discounts and what they’ll all be offering!  My Black Friday was actually spent somewhere utterly crazy but more on that in another post!  

One brand from whom I was looking forward to seeing their deals was Deciem as last year’s was fantastic!  This year, I was at 38,000ft when placing my order as the offer was run from Thursday 22nd November and I was on my way to New York!  

Here’s what I bought:

NIOD Mastic Must  

NIOD Mastic Must

Mastic Must works to clean and refine pores giving the appearance of a reduction in the number of pores and the size of them also.  After cleansing my skin, I apply it and relax for ten minutes then remove it with a flannel.  My face feels so smooth after using this and looks smooth too!  There is an optional additional step to use a hairdryer on the face for 15 seconds…which of course I also had to do!  Using the hairdryer enhances the immediate visible results of using the mask!  I bought this in last year’s Black Friday deals and loved it so bought two this time!  This was £10 instead of £27!

The Chemistry Brand Hyaluronic Concentrate

The Chemistry Brand - Hyaluronic Concentrate

I haven’t used this product before and as I’ve said so many times on my blog, I do neglect any form of body care routine goes apart from my shower gels and so on.  I bought this as it is said to provide the skin with a layer of hydration to plump, firm and smooth the skin.  I will of course review this!  This was £10 instead of £28!

NIOD Survival 0

NIOD Survival 0

Another new one for me but I’ve been intrigued by this for a while so being on offer I had to try it!  This is designed to be used in the evening (when you don’t need Sun protection) and whilst it doesn’t offer SPF protection (unlike the other Survival 20 and 30) what it does offer is protection from oxygen radicals, pollution, smog, stress, infrared and blue light.  It is an advanced and complex way to protect the skin from environmental damage.  I haven’t introduced this into my routine just yet because I have been trying a few different products recently but I will be trying this in the next week or so.  This will be reviewed also once I’ve started using it.  It was £6 instead of £20!

Black Friday wasn’t my only Deciem haul recently … as you can see from the photo below … I have been tempted yet again and treated myself to more skincare!!  There is another blog behind the rest of these products so I will fill you in on this in part 2!

Deciem Haul

Are you a Deciem addict?  If so, head to The Ordinary and Deciem Chatroom on Facebook where you can find reviews and general chat about all things Deciem products and skincare.   Over 63,000 people have already found us so come and say hi!  If you’re not on Facebook but use Instagram The Deciem Chatroom is there too!

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