Christmas Beauty Brawl Day 4

Today’s beauty brawl item is ‘Lip Treatment’ and for me there’s only one contender.  I suffer with dry, chapped lips.  I have a bad habit of biting my lips and when I then try and wear matte effect lipsticks, they can look awful!  Some normal lipsticks can also dry my lips out so I do make sure I go for moisturising ones if I can.

The product for my beauty brawl day 4 is Dr Paw Paw.


Dr Paw paw is a great multi-use balm containing Carica Papaya (Pawpaw) and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice.  These ingredients help to repair and moisturise the skin.  I personally use this as a lip treatment but it can be used for all kinds of things from cuticles and nails to dry skin and even hair.  It can even be used to help tame your eyebrows!

It is part of my skincare routine every day for my lips and I also use it at the start of getting ready for a night out so that when I apply my lipstick at the end of my makeup routine, my lips are softer and prepared for lasting lipstick.  I’ve also recently had a cold and have very dry, rough skin just under my nose and this balm has been a god-send for that.  Each night I have popped a bit under my nose and alongside smelling lovely, it has really been helping my skin.

I know that there are tinted versions of this as well as a new hair product so all of these are on my wish-list!

Packaging wise, I can’t think of a better way to package the balm.  It is convenient in a tube and is quite thick so wouldn’t work in a pump or anything like that.  The benefit with tubes is that they are hygienic too.  I love the bright colours to their packaging also.

Price wise, they are value for money without a doubt!  The 25ml balms are £6.95 and mini 10ml balms are £3.95 – they last AGES!  You really only need a small amount of this product.

For more info visit their website.

Scores from 100?


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