Deciem, Sanskrit Saponins, Hair is Fabric, Stemm Density Stimuli

Deciem Black Friday Bargains

Black Friday is one sale event that I don’t go mad about but I do keep an eye on what’s going on to see if there was anything I was already thinking of buying or indeed as with this order, there is something that catches my eye!

I think this order in fairness to me was the only Black Friday deal I went for!  Shock!!!!  I will admit however that I had various baskets on various websites but didn’t give in to the temptation sat on my screen!  I think I did quite well!!!

Deciem announced that they had specific sets for Black Friday.  The deals available were almost too good to be true kind of prices but I guess when you’re not embarking on a site wide 30% off and only entertaining discounts on certain sets or product bundles, the prices can be justified.  There’s plenty of Deciem products I want to try and that I hoped would be in the deals however I think how they have done it was quite clever as most of the deals were at the price of just one or two of the serums included in a set that offered four so people were going mad for them!  So despite the serums I want to try not being under offer, I still managed to place an order on something I thought may be good!

So, what did I buy?

Deciem, Sanskrit Saponins, Hair is Fabric, Stemm Density Stimuli

NIOD Sanskrit Saponins

Deciem Niod Sanskrit Saponins

What Deciem say:

SS is a viscous and intense cleaning balm for the face formulated with highly-concentrated, very-unrefined Ayurvedic plant surfactants unsupported by any modern cleaning technology. SS contains no purified or synthetic surfactants, sulphates, oils, esters or micellar technologies. It is a pH-balanced suspension of the amino acid, Lysine, in saponins from the Ayurvedic plants shikakai and sapindus mukorossi.

SS is a cleaning balm that concentrates Ayurvedic saponins. They’re unrefined and messy. They borrow their colour and smell from a place far away from today’s madding crowd of refinement. But their near-perfect equilibrium between deep cleaning and respecting skin integrity is evidence that — somehow, somewhere — they connected to humankind.

With continued use, SS visibly targets all forms of build-up, blemishes, congestion and impurities. It is suitable for all skin types. After the first use, SS leaves the skin looking nearly pore-free and its surface exceptionally cleaned — as if it’s radiating from within.

What I say:

I’ve used this a couple of times now and the smell is a bit strange…but in honesty, with a product like this, you can’t really expect it to be smelling of roses!!  I don’t find the smell to be offensive and once it has been washed off, the smell is gone.  My skin did feel a little dry after use but this was advised as something that could happen and as per the info, it retuned back to normal within no time at all so it was fine.  Not only that but I layer skincare so I continued with my usual serums and moisturiser.  My skin felt wonderfully clean and soft after first use.  I’m not sure on the nearly pore-free element, I will pay more attention to that when I next use it.  It’s certainly something I can see myself continuing to use on rotation with other cleansers that I use.


I paid £8 for 180ml which would usually cost £34!  There is also a 90ml version available for £21.

hif – Hair Is Fabric, Volume Support


What Deciem Say:

Think of this HIF Cleansing Conditioner as dry cleaning for your hair, only with water. In one simple, gentle step, HIF deep cleanses with cleansing fractions instead of common detergents while a long list of conditioning technologies, exotic oils, hyaluronic acid and precious rock extracts leave the hair in prime condition.

What I say:

The phrase ‘Cleansing Conditioner’ is one that I think confused not only me but quite a few people!  (I am part of a fantastic group / community on Facebook The Ordinary & Deciem Chat Room (Beauty Group), check it out if you’re a fan of Deciem!) There were a few people asking the same question that I asked myself when I read the instructions!  Is this a Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment?  Cleansing conditioner…..I just guessed at conditioner!  It said to apply to wet hair and leave for 3 minutes before washing out.  So, I shampooed my hair as normal, then used this, then after rinsing, dried my hair as normal and it was lovely!  My hair felt super soft and looked so much better than it usually does!!  After reading more comments, I realised that if you also look at the name, it’s a Cleansing conditioner….so a cleanser would be used as a first product in skincare….hmmmmm, ok let’s start again!  On second use, I purely used this one product.  I didn’t think for one second it would work and I envisaged myself trying to get knots out of my hair for ages once getting out of the shower!!  I was so wrong!  Again, my hair felt and looked great!  Some of the reviews on Deciem’s website commented about the scent and suggesting it was over-powering.  Not at all in my case.  I think it smells lovely!!  I can’t put my finger on the right description but I guess it’s one of those things that you love or hate and I love it!

Stemm Density Stimuli


What Deciem say:

A high-potency serum for hair that looks thicker, denser, fuller and healthier. This advanced leave-in scalp formula combines a wide array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, polyphenols and other nutrients at extraordinarily high concentrations to help hair achieve its healthiest-, densest- and fullest look with continued use.

What I say:

I love this!  I have never used a serum like this before.  I have used hair oils which I would use a tiny amount of at the ends of my hair only before drying but never a serum.

It comes with a dropper or a nozzle for you to choose which applicator you’d prefer.  I chose the dropper which I use the amount that’s in it for one squeeze of the pippet so not much at all!  I then part my hair at random points and apply it to my scalp just before bed.

I was quite nervous about using this on the first night as I had washed my hair and was going out the next morning and didn’t have time to rewash it in the morning but I feared my hair would likely look greasy!  The next morning my hair didn’t feel greasy or like I had put anything serum-like in it.  It actually felt quite healthy…if that’s a description that means anything??

I am loving this product because of how it’s making my hair look and feel.  In terms of density, I have high hopes for it!  My hair is thinning on the side where I have my hair scraped back for dancing so I need all the help I can get!  I do think overall my hair is looking healthier than it has done for years!

Deal:  £19 for both of these hair products……which would usually be £65!

I am glad I decided to try all three of these products.  I am loving Deciem brands, The Ordinary and Niod in particular.  These Black Friday deals certainly did not disappoint!!!

Did you give in to any Black Friday deals?

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