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Mac – Just a small Haul

In my last post, New York City – Day 2, I mentioned that I had to make a note to self not to go shopping in Mac whilst drunk… here’s why…..

Mac Cosmetics

Ok, so not actually that bad but I hadn’t intended to buy two of these but bought them anyway 😛

Four repurchase products were the Bronzing Powder, Paint Pot in Soft Ochre and the Brow pencil in Brunette.

I use this bronzer almost every time I apply makeup.  It is very soft, completely matte and gives a lovely gentle but buildable look depending on the density of the brush I use.  My current compact of this is almost gone so I had to buy a back up ready 😛

The Soft Ochre paint pot is a brilliant base for eyeshadow and as it is quite thick, the coverage for any pigment issues on my eyelids are instantly covered as if I had used a heavy duty concealer.

The brow pencil is one of my favourites.  I was looking for something to use that isn’t too blocky for my brows which some gel products can be but this is a precision pencil which I can infill with but also extend my brow as I need to and still be able to taper to a fine tail.

Fix + is also a repurchase.  I don’t use this as a fixing spray however and have mentioned this before but I use it to dampen my brush if I want to use more of a pigmented colour with eyeshadow and sometimes to dampen my beauty blender.  I do have a Fix+ in my kit at the moment but I couldn’t resist this one as it is a miniature so will be fab for a couple of trips away I have coming up!

The two new products for me were the Tapered Blending Brush 224 because….well….you can never have enough brushes….espeically blending ones!!  Also the Lip Scrubtious is a new one to me.  This is a sugar-based exfoliator for lips which when I saw it, I knew I had to have one as I do suffer with dry lips, especially in the winter so what better time to give it a go??

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9 thoughts on “Mac – Just a small Haul

  1. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    Mac do some great products don’t they! Quite a few years back when I was having many nights out with the girls, I used to be Mac pigment crazy, I literally had a pot of every colour. Probably still got them somewhere. I’m a terrible makeup hoarder. The lip scrubtious sounds good. I like the sugar based scrubs best.

    Great post! Xx

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    • Beauty and The Ballroom says:

      Yes, I love Mac…there’s a few other things i have that I could have replaced but I think I need to start using things up really! I’m such a makeup hoarder too! I have a few pigments and glitter and things, I don’t use them anywhere near enough!! lol Thanks for reading xxx


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