Not Empties Post …. part 2!

Having posted a ‘Not Empties’ post back in May, I have been keeping note of the products that I don’t use completely and therefore won’t make it into an ‘Empties’ post yet are still things I have used… there must be a reason that I stopped.  My blog is an honest reflection of my opinion when reviewing products so here’s why I stopped using the following items….(it won’t always be for negative reasons!!!)

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner ‘Yeyo’


Facetune 4

I want to say first that the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners are one of my favourite eyeliners…..only second to Urban Decay Razor Sharp eyeliner…this is purely down to this specific shade of Yeyo.  I was looking for a white eyeliner for my waterline for dance comps and was told by the Sales Assistant that this is white…and when swatched, as you can see…is a pretty good colour!   Unfortunately when applied to my waterline you can hardly see it.  I have tried using it so many times and it just doesn’t work for me.  As I don’t use shades like this for upper lid eyeliner I have decided to reluctantly bin this….a huge shame but as I say, I LOVE Urban Decay eyeliners so this is not a representation of my thoughts on other shades.

Would I repurchase?

Yes….just not in this shade!

Sephora Palette

I’ve never actually been into a Sephora store (obviously all about to change when I get to New York in October!!) but when in Spain two years ago I bought this from a little concession stand in Corte Ingles.  It really is a great little palette full of brights, mattes and shimmers.  It contains plenty of eyeshadows, blushers and lip colours.  My only issue here is that I have had this open for too long.  I found that when I tried to use this more recently the eyeshadows just didn’t work as well as they previously did and the blushers weren’t very easy to blend either.  As I have so much other makeup I decided that I really need to only keep products I am actually going to use….as you can see from these photos I hardly used this in over two years but on the positive side, it’s going to be well used where it has gone as my friend’s daughter now has it as a little play makeup!  😛

Would I repurchase?

I would!  If it contained more shades that I use regularly then this little palette is perfect for travel!

Urban Decay Smoky Palette

Facetune 3

I really struggled to admit that I am not going to use this palette!  I have had it for years…I don’t even know how long!!  As you can see, I liked the highlighter shades and the matte light cream shade on the opposite end but when I’ve tried to create looks more recently, in a bid to actually use the palette, the shades are just too cool toned for me and looking at selfies I took after doing my makeup, there was something I just didn’t like.  I put this down to the cool tone of the shades because I LOVE my eyeshadow when I use my warm toned palettes.  I did also find this palette to be a little chalky on some shades.   As with the eyeliner though, this is unusual for me to think this of an Urban Decay product as I LOVE their eyeshadow palettes so from now on I probably need to stick to warm tones!

Would I repurchase?

No, unfortunately not.   The shades just don’t suit me.  I would however buy other Urban Decay Palettes!

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops

Facetune 5

I have to be honest…I really wanted to like these drops.  Buying the lightest foundation for the majority of the year but needing a darker shade for my dance competitions can be a pain.  I bought these shade adjusting drops in a bid to use my usual shade foundation and make it darker……simples!!  Unfortunately it wasn’t to be for me…I don’t know if any of you have experienced the same as me but as the photos show below, despite mixing really well, it gives the foundation a very grey undertone which is quite odd.


Great concept but for me just the wrong shade no matter how little or how much I added to my foundation!  This can be used as a contour liquid I guess but I have other contour products that I prefer but it could be used for that reason.

Would I repurchase?

If it had a different undertone, perhaps but not as it stands.  Great concept though!!

La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF30


I had high hopes for this SPF lotion as it is meant to be great for oily skin types.  This has gone back to Boots for a refund as when I applied it, it balled up into white bits all over my face.  I tried applying 20mins after moisturiser (as I was advised by LRP when I messaged them), straight after moisturiser (which was marginally better) and even tried well after an hour of my skincare…nothing worked.  That said I am loving their SPF50 spray which can be used over makeup…that I am impressed with and will be focusing a post on soon!

Would I repurchase?

No.  Look out for my review of the SPF50 mist though!

Products that work for me may not work for you and vice versa so these are just my opinions.  As mentioned, they are not reflections of the brands themselves….I love all of these brands….and other products by them but for the reasons above, they will not be making it to an ’empties’ blog post!  😛

Have you used any of these?  I’d love to know what you think.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments box below or on my facebook page. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook….links below🙂



43 thoughts on “Not Empties Post …. part 2!

  1. Adryana says:

    I´m sorry to hear that Smoky palette didn´t work for you. For me it has Holy Grail status and I´ve hit full pan on three shades already in the palette. Maybe Naked 3 or Heat palette would suit you better?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. MaggieSimpleLife says:

    I saw the Sephora palette on YouTube this morning! It must be a good palette since I saw it here too!
    It is sad that it balls up. Have you tried it on your hands or other part of your body? Maybe it can still use as body sunscreen.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ellieedx says:

    This is a great idea for a post series and I really enjoyed reading it. I totally get what you mean with the Naked Smoky palette, I had a similar experience but still haven’t let go of mine yet even though I never use it! It was my first UD palette though so that could be why I’m attached! Also really interesting to know about the Darkening drops from The Body Shop as I was going to give these or the lightening ones a try but not I’m not so sure. For it to have a grey undertone that’s so strange!

    Ellie x


  4. sianpitman says:

    This is a great idea for a post! Making me think about the things I have that no longer get used… I know what you mean about Naked Smoky too – I love it, but very very rarely use it! Prefer MAC shadows I think!xx


  5. Thebeautyspyglass says:

    I couldn’t get the photos to load as my internet decided not to show them 😩 I’ve tried a few water-line liners before. I’ve got a virgin vie one ( not sure this brand is still going) but anyway it’s a pale blue which is quite nice, I used it up and repurchased but kinda moved on to a Laura Geller one which was useless so I binned it. I have an eyeko very pale matte pink which really works well but my absolute fave is the NYX wonder pencil in light. It’s such a fab multi tasker and great for the water- line.
    I’ve heard of the shade adjusting drops, sorry to hear you didn’t get on with them. Interesting concept though. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Nay @ beautyaddictmama says:

    I totally agree with the Smoky palette. I received it a couple of birthdays ago and have used it once – to do someone else’s makeup. I just couldn’t get the colours to suit me! It’s a shame as the quality is super.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beauty and The Ballroom says:

      Thank you for reading and your feedback! It’s great to know what readers think of something like this! haha! I love reading empties posts but I have products that I don’t finish but it’s not always because I hate them! I also don’t think one ‘bad’ product (if it is that) represents the whole company necessarily so this way I can explain more! xx


  7. Maya Meshoulam says:

    I love the idea of this post!
    If you want a really good white eyeliner, I would suggest getting the ColourPop one which is incredible (in the shade Exit) or if you want a more high-end brand try to get your hands on the Marc Jacobs Fineliner (if you recall, I wrote a review on it!) while you’re in NY.
    I completely agree with you on the UD Smokey palette, I couldn’t get mine to work for me so I passed it on to my brother’s girlfriend!

    Liked by 1 person

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