My Week in Instagram Pics

Here’s last weeks Instagram pics….if you’re not already following me, check out my account here!

Majique Nail Polish

Loving these nail colours provided by @majique_nail_buddy💅🏼 blog post is being written on these and the Nail Buddy which is a simple but fab thing to have!! For today…these are the ‘nails of the day’ 😋 ‘Lavendar fields’ with an accent of ‘Spendthrift’. Loving them.

Nail Buddy Majique Nail polish

New blog post!! Check out my review of the Nail Buddy and polishes sent to me by @majique_nail_buddy  …….   Nail Buddy by Majique – A Review

Soap & Glory, Clinique, Urban Decay, Spa Sanctuary, Too Faced, Estee Lauder, The Ordinary

New blog post 💕 My July Empties post is up…have a read to see what I used up last month …. see any favourites?        July Empties

Dior, RCMA No colour powder

When it’s all about the base…./I’m loving this combination at the moment. The @rcmamakeup No Colour Powder works fabulously over any of my foundations. What’s your power combination when it comes to base products?


I love things like this but I’ve only just seen it!!!! The @cultbeauty#cultbeautyskincarechallenge …. I will be doing this for a bit of fun…are you doing it?


So I’ve only just seen the #cultbeautyskincarechallenge but I’m starting with yesterday…day 5 because not starting with my favourite #bloggerwould be criminal given it’s Thanks to this person that my skin has changed so much! I’ve been following skincare guru @carolinehirons for a while on her blog / YouTube / Insta …. (ok ok I’m sounding like a social media stalker here!) but it’s necessary 😂 I have a skincare routine that really works for me thanks to her videos and blogs and I can rely on her Instagram stories to make me totally belly laugh!! So … Thank You Caroline Hirons! 


I’m shocked! 1k followers on my wordpress blog!! I started #beautyandtheballroom in October and was shocked when 100 people were following me…I’m even more shocked today to find its gone over the 1k mark! Thank you to everyone who follows, reads, likes or comments on any of my blogs, tweets, Facebook posts or Instagram 💕💕 🎉🎉

Facetune 3

Day 6 of the #cultbeautyskincarechallenge challenge is Self Care. So: Water 💦💦 lots of it. I’ll admit I don’t drink enough but I notice a difference even in my skin when I do!! SPF goes without saying especially if like me you use resurfacing products in your skincare routine (acids/retinol etc). Cleansing…absolute must…even if I do nothing else (not likely!!) this is the minimum morning and night. Since I’ve been using an oil cleanser my oily skin has drastically improved! I love @emmahardieskincare Amazing Face cleanser (this mini pot is empty but perfect for Instagram given I use a HUGE pot usually!!) I’ve included Face oil (the @zelensskincare Power D drops make my skin feel amazing!), hand cream and nail care because finding time for a quick pamper is part of Self Care. @dr.pawpaw for me has become a vital in self care for my dry lips. Real savior given I love matte lipsticks!! Lastly…dark chocolate! I’m sticking with the ‘it’s good for your heart’ excuse! Mood-lifting, pmt helping, craving satisfying, antioxidant carrying little bar of heaven 😂😂 this particular one isn’t as dark as I usually have … 95% maybe … 😋 What’s your self care vitals?


New blog post! Check out my review of the Jamberry nail wraps sent to me by @laislittlelife 💅🏼💅🏼  ……  Jamberry Nail Wraps – a review

So that’s all for this week’s Instagram revisit!

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