Nailed it! My favourite base and top coat!

Six days…..SIX whole days is a new record for me to keep nail polish on without the colour chipping and me then peeling the rest of it off!!  (Yes I know….tut tut….I’ll ruin my nails!!)

I cannot believe that I’ve still got the same nail colour intact on my nails…..which for most people, six days, I’m sure is nothing to write home about let alone shout about it on a blog post!  However… nails as I’ve mentioned before, always break, split, chip, peel and generally look rubbish all of the time.  In May I was given a little gift set from a friend that contained a Top and Base coat by Revlon.


The first time I tried these, I also applied 2 coats of the Collection Lasting Gel Nail Colour. I have used this polish before with other top and base coats….and believe me when I say…I’ve tried ALOT of top and base coats in desperation to get my nail polish to last more than 24 hours!   This colour stayed on my nails for around five days!  Five times the amount of time my nails usually last!

Repainting my nails I used the same top and base but this time applied two coats of Jessica Nail Colour.  Again, this lasted me around five days!  (On to something here!!)

Most recently, last week, I painted my nails again (after meaning to do them for almost two weeks!!)….I applied two coats of Lola Nail Colour.

This time it has lasted for six days, and in those six days I have done a lot of things that would usually ruin my nails quickly!!  Cleaning, body exfoliator scrubs, swimming, even washing my hair I sometimes catch my nails!  Even though tomorrow is day 7 of this colour, I only have chips on one nail…this for me is unheard of!

Overall thoughts and would I repurchase?

I would highly recommend this base and top coat!  I have tried using a £14 ‘all in one’ polish, £10 separate products, £1 separate products, nothing has ever worked on me before!  These are sold in Boots currently for £5.99 each but I’m sure I have seen them sold cheaper also.  Quick-drying…yes I would agree with that!  Not only touch dry quickly but completely dry quicker than a lot of top coats I have used.

They are said to improve the wear of nail colour and UV filters protect the colour from fading.   My nails look lovely and shiny like they did when I painted them and for me personally, they have definitely improved the wear of my nail colour!

I have tried top and base coats that claim to do the above and more.  ‘Chip resistant’ is the one selling point with all previous ones I have purchased…’s never true!  Not on me anyway!  These however, are my absolute favourites and I would certainly repurchase these!

Do you have a problem keeping nail polish looking good for more than a few days?

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28 thoughts on “Nailed it! My favourite base and top coat!

  1. Samantha Abbott says:

    I think six days is good for any polish! It’s surprising how much our nails get knocked and scuffed and it’s not until our polish starts showing signs of wear we realise just how much our nails go through. You did well with going for six days without a chip! These are quite reasonably priced too. *adds to wish list.
    Great post as always xx

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  2. StyledbyMcKenz says:

    Omg thank you SO much! I am reading this while currently picking my polish off after two days…. I know so annoying and it all started because of a few chips that were driving me absolutely crazy. I seriously need to check this out. Sounds so awesome.

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    • Beauty and The Ballroom says:

      Mine was the same….I’d paint them in the evening and literally by mid morning the next day I’d have chipped them! It was my thing of ‘let’s see how long this lasts……oh look 24hrs’. I honestly believe it’s these that have made the difference. I painted my nails on Saturday, it’s now Tuesday…still fine! X


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