Joules Hand Exfoliator & Hand Cream – a quick review!

So many products that feature on my blog posts or on Instagram involve Skincare….but what about hand and nail care?  My nails have always been weak, flimsy and you can guarantee if I manage to grow my nails, they split really low down on the nail so I have to cut them right back and it’s usually uncomfortable too! 😦  My hands are also relatively dry but I do wash them a lot and use hand gel regularly too…..generally alcohol based.

Hand cream, exfoliators and those kind of products are not ones I actively go shopping for which is terrible as I wouldn’t think twice to buy a face moisturiser or mask!   I have been given many hand creams for Birthdays and Christmas gifts and I’ll have one in the car, one in my handbag, one in the bathroom, bedroom, even in the porch….do I think to use them??  Not very often!!   When I walk the dog, I come home and put her lead away and have alcohol hand gel by the door, I use this religiously…..and I SHOULD be following it with hand cream to stop my skin from drying out….this is where I am rubbish as I tend to miss that step!

All of the above said…I am trying!  One thing that encourages me to use hand cream now is that my nails are becoming strong and long and I want to do my best to keep them that way!  There are of course nail products I will be reviewing but I have been making a conscious effort to look after the skin on my hands.

Joules Perfect Pruning Hand Exfoliator & Fantastic Fingers Hand Cream were a gift for Christmas if I remember rightly….like a lot of hand creams / body creams, they’ve been in my draw!  Tut tut!

Facetune 12.jpg

The exfoliator is grainy and great for getting rid of dirt and dry skin but yet gentle enough to not be too harsh on the skin.  It has quite a sweet, floral scent, but nothing off-putting, that too is gentle and smells refreshing.   My hands are so super soft after using that I’m using it every few days with no irritation (I don’t like to over-exfoliate my skin anyway).  The instructions suggest to apply it to wet skin, which yes you should, but it’s cause no issues on the occasions I’ve put it onto dry hands accidentally!

Facetune 13

The Fantastic Fingers Hand Cream has a similar floral scent to the exfoliator but again, a nice floral scent.  It’s hard to describe scents as everyone experiences scents differently but this is a nice summertime type of hand cream.  It is a lovely moisturising cream that is absorbed nicely into the skin without leaving any sticky residue on the hands but leaves them soft and well moisturised.


My nails have been pretty strong recently and I do believe it’s a combination of using both of these products on a regular basis and also using a top and base coat of nail varnish that actually seem to work!  I will be reviewing those soon so watch this space!

Facetune 11

I think this set may have been a Christmas release from Boots but if you can get hold of this or even to give as a gift, it really is a lovely set worth having!  I know I would buy this either for me or for someone else.

Have you used this set or something similar?  If I can’t repurchase this (it may have been a seasonal item) what would you suggest I used instead?

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5 thoughts on “Joules Hand Exfoliator & Hand Cream – a quick review!

  1. stashy says:

    The packaging of these tubes are so pretty! I have a couple of hand scrubs (from Mary Kay) and I always forget to use them! But they feel soooo good – like a mini spa for your hands!

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