Aveniro Glass Nail Files

If you’ve read any of my previous posts about nail files, you’ll already know I was never keen on glass nail files….the thought of them alone was enough to have me cringing!

It is only within the last six months that I have tried using glass nail files and actually, they’re not that bad!!!  About a month ago, I received a lovely parcel from the guys at Aveniro with a sample of their products to try.  In the parcel was a small and medium Duo nail file and a glass Foot Scraper, all housed in individual pockets.

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Aveniro are a Czech manufacturer of handmade glass nail files that have an unlimited lifespan thanks to the way in which they achieve their abrasive finish.

The grinding surface of a glass nail file is formed by evenly spread grinding spikes. Between each of them depressions similar to craters occur. Grinding spikes are regularly arranged, they have similar size and moreover they rise perpendicularly up. This combination ensures comfortable filing of good quality. Crystal glass nail files do not chip nails, but they make them smooth.     Aveniro.com

First up….Glass Nail Files

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Medium and Small Duo Files

The two glass nail files that I was sent were what are classed as ‘Duo’ files.  This is down to having two different surfaces to the file with one having a highly abrasive side, perfect for shaping nails and the smoother surface for neatening the finish of the nail, helping to make sure there are no snags without further filing the nail too much.

My Thoughts

Despite having past reservations about using a glass nail file, I actually really like them!  The major plus with these types of files is that they prevent the nails from splitting…which  I can confirm I have found to be true.  My nails were forever splitting quite low down meaning I’d end up catching my nail (usually folding washing…. bizarrely!) and then it rips.  The rougher side of the file is great for shaping, as it is designed to be.  I have used it a few times now and my nails are in really good condition and (I shouldn’t say this for fear of jinxing it!) they haven’t split at all!   The option of sizes for the files makes it worth having a little set….the miniature one is great for throwing in your handbag, the medium one is great for having at home / in the office so I don’t think you can have too many!!

Next up……Foot Files

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Foot Scraper

This is a new type of foot scraper which again has two different roughness intensities and is housed in a plastic pocket which is great from a hygiene point of view.  The rougher of the two sides is for removing dirt and old skin from the foot, the smoother of the two is for a final clean.

Personally, I don’t really suffer with hard skin on my feet however a friend of mine really does!  She already had tough, dry skin on her feet but recently started running which has made it worse with callous skin build up.  I asked her to try this and report back how she felt this file performed.  I felt this was the best thing to do as using it on my feet really wouldn’t be putting it to the test!

Her Thoughts

The rougher side did a brilliant job at removing a lot of the dry, rough skin as advertised to do.  The smoother side after this then helped to smooth the skin afterwards so they felt much softer after using the file.  It’s shaped in a way that’s easy to hold and use.   Very pleased with the results!

My Thoughts

Whilst I cannot comment on how my skin felt, when I first opened this parcel, I did think that the foot file needs some kind of clear glass ‘handle’ area a bit like the nail files have.  That said, part of the design of this new style of file is that the abrasive working surface covers the whole area of the scraper.  The edges around the file are smooth so when in use, this is the obvious choice of hand placement so the design is better than I first thought.

Overall Thoughts


As I mentioned before, my nails are in much better condition since I started using glass nail files.  These files are great quality and the abrasive surface really is that…it files the nail properly minimal effort!  The smoother side is great for tidying up.  If the skin on my feet was rough I would certainly consider using one of these foot files as it has worked so well on my friend’s feet!

Check out Aveniro’s website for their full range of Glass Nail Files and Foot Files which are available in a whole range of colours, finishes and even with crystal decoration!

With all of that said…I’m off to file and paint my nails 😛

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Disclaimer:  These items were sent to me for review by Aveniro.  All opinions expressed are my own and it was my choice to add links to any websites throughout this post. 


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