My Week in Instagram Pics

Let’s get straight into the week on Instagram…with new foundations and plenty of The Ordinary!


Using this little pair as my base today….have you tried either of these from The Ordinary?


The last product from The Ordinary on my list (for now!) Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil, for use on the nights that I use the Advanced Retinoid.  Have you tried this?


I’ve been using this Niacinamide Serum from The Ordinary for about a week now…..I’m noticing a subtle difference already in terms of my skin doesn’t seem to be as oily part way through the day like it usually does!  Have you tried this?  Did you notice a difference?

Amazed at the fact I painted my nails on Sunday night and this photo was taken this morning (Wednesday)…..for me this is unheard of as my polish normally chips within 24hrs!  Today (Thursday) I have 2 minor chips n the polish but the base and top coat used seem to be doing the trick!  3 days for some may seem like no time at all but for me, 3 days is a long time!!


Ok so it’s just turned Friday but I haven’t made it to bed yet so I’m still posting a #throwbackthursday 🙂  Night out in Blackpool last year, look created using Hourglass primer, foundation and ambient lighting powders, plus Mac pigment powder and lippy.  I was pleased with my makeup that night!  😛


Facetune 2

**NEW BLOG POST**  I had to send my current AM cleanser back to where I bought it so whilst I await my replacement (or refund!) I started to use this.  I had read good reviews and saw it on offer in Boots so I thought I’d give it a go.  It’s lovely!!  Smells amazing and despite that, doesn’t irritate my eyes like some cleansers do.  In comparison to the one I’ve returned this is a fraction of the cost!!  Have you tried this?  If so, what did you think of it?  See my review here  —–> Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser – A Quick Review


Today’s makeup.  I was super tired this morning so just went for a natural look!

Facetune 3

Base for today with mixed thoughts as follows:  Embryolisse cream as a moisturiser / primer…..this feels like quite a thick/luxurious cream in comparison to my Clinique Moisture Surge that I’m used to.  The BIG thing I don’t like is that it contains mineral oil (which I didn’t realise) and I’ve read a lot of negative things about what mineral oil does / can do to your skin.  HOWEVER….my NARS Sheer Glow foundation sat brilliantly well on top of it and was held in place by the RCMA No Colour Powder all day……very impressed with the combination in terms of staying power…..but I’m bothered by the mineral oil….what are your thoughts on this?

Facetune 4

New little addition to my skincare routine to try.  Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate.  I already love Moisture Surge as my daily AM moisturiser and this is meant to be the perfect hydrating boost suitable for all skin types and compatible with other moisturisers.  Containing Vitamin C and E…..I had to get one to try.  I love the fact you can buy a smaller version of this!

Facetune 5

Today’s skincare (I missed my SPF from the photo accidentally but it was Ultrasun Face SPF).  I’m thinking of posting AM & PM skincare routines on Instagram….would this be of interest to you?


Lazy Sunday means playing with Makeup!  I’ve never been a fan of low coverage foundations but I’m loving the Serum Foundation from The Ordinary….also had a play with some pink and orange shades from the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette.  Look was set using RCMA No Colour Powder but I managed to miss this from the flatlay!  See any fave makeup products?

Facetune 6

So that’s all for this week’s Instagram revisit!

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