Unboxing! Cult Beauty Box by Caroline Hirons

It has to be said, a lot of my skin care changes of late have been due to reading blogs and watching youtube vlogs of Skincare expert and Beauty blogger Caroline Hirons….making notes as I go and checking out other reviews of suggested products then buying and trying the products that I think will work for me.

Fast forward to an announcement that Cult Beauty would be releasing a box by Caroline Hirons with 6 full sized products in….even before any hints of it’s contents were dropped on Caroline’s website and Instagram, I knew I would want it!   I have never responded so quickly to an email!  I had Cult Beauty added as a VIP email address so I got a notification when the email came through! (I know, I know, I need to get out more!)

The Box – Unboxed!

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Definitely a case of ‘grabby hands’…..let me at those goodies!!

This post is not a full review of the items as I will be doing that separately as I use them but here is a run down of the contents and my initial thoughts on them on first use.

Pixi + Caroline Hirons, Double Cleanse – this was one product that I actually almost bought the day before the box contents were announced as I already double cleanse with two different products but I thought this would be great for some trips that I have coming up as it’s just one cleansing product to take with me suitable for AM and PM cleansing.  It is a pot of two halves with a balm to remove makeup / spf as a first cleanse and a cream cleanser to really cleanse the skin.  Convenient and at 100ml, is perfect for aeroplane hand luggage!


Dr Dennis Gross Universal Peels Pads – I have tried these before and as mentioned in my April Empties post, it was like I had taken a sandblaster to my face in the best way!  My skin felt super smooth.  This was another product I was keen to purchase at some point.  Again great for travel as they are in individual sachets so to have them in the box is brilliant!

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Indie Lee CoQ10 Toner – This I didn’t know much about, I’d heard of it but it wasn’t necessarily on my shopping list just yet.  It contains Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic acid and CoQ10 which I haven’t used previously so again was keen to give this a go!

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Tata Harper Restorative Eye Cream – said to be hydrating, brightening and fine line softening, this cream sounds perfect for me!  Just one of a list of Tata Harper products that were already on my shopping list!  It’s nice also to try an eye cream that is in a pump format rather than a pot like I currently use.

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Zelens Power D Treatments Drops – a serum that is meant to be good for all skin types but especially those with problematic skin.   Looking at the ingredients makes it seem like a fabulous superfood for the skin!  Having seen a lot of Instagram posts containing this, again I am excited to try this.

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January Labs Moisture Balance Cream – I am very very fussy when it comes to moisturisers as I don’t like ones that sit on the skin for too long.  I hadn’t heard of this one before but as it is meant to be light-weight it could possibly really suit me.

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My Initial Thoughts

I have used each of the items only once so this is by no means a full review!  Having received this box yesterday and of course had to get it all open…..I used each product in my evening routine.

I hadn’t been wearing makeup during the day but I had worn SPF meaning double cleansing was needed.  The solid oil cleanser reminds me of my current Clinique Take The Day Off balm, very effective and very gentle around the eyes.  I did prefer this over the TTDO balm but at the moment can’t quite decide what it is about it that I prefer!   I haven’t used a cleansing cream before so this was a new one for me but it is lovely and light, refreshing and left my skin feeling super soft and clean.  Going away in May, June and July this will be the product to take with me.  I currently use the TTDO and Emma Hardie’s cleansing balm…I wouldn’t be able to take these in hand luggage for a start!  Initial thoughts are this is brilliant!

Next up was the Dr Dennis Gross pads which I have mentioned before in my April Empties post so I won’t go into too much detail but these are also staying in my routine.  Not every night but certainly as a treat as my skin feels amazing after using these!  (As a side note…I’d love to use these every night!!)

Indie Lee toner was one I hadn’t heard of previously but following the acid pads this was different to other toners that I have used.  It is alcohol free and like my current toning mist, contains Hyaluronic acid for moisture.  It also contains antioxidant CoQ10 and aloe vera, camomile and cucumber for soothing the skin – great for following on from an acid!  My skin felt silky smooth once this was applied!

The Tata Harper eye cream is going to be one of those ‘a little goes a long way’ products as you only need half a pump.  It glides across the eye area and is easily absorbed.  A lovely smooth texture that left my undereye feeling soft and hydrated.

Zelens Power D treatment drops are something that I have seen raved about on Instagram and Youtube.  So many people who I follow on Instagram have this in their daily routine photos.  I have to say, on the one time I’ve used it, I literally felt like I was applying a gorgeous spa like facial treatment to my skin…oh my goodness it’s heavenly!

Last but not least…after sitting and massaging the treatment drops into my skin for ages (maybe I used too much or maybe it really is just wonderfully relaxing to use!) I waited for that to sink in and I applied the January Labs moisturiser.  It is light-weight, absorbs really well – not too quickly but also doesn’t sit on the skin for too long so I loved it.  As with everything else, I’ve used it once so will review thoroughly at a later date but so far so good!

The box, valued at £285 with a price point of £170 meant a 40% saving….and the best bit was that when the contents were released, it included four products that I have been desperate to try and two that I was curious about!   This is by far one of the best purchases I have made and have to say I will certainly be interested next time a box is being released!

Did you get the box?  Have you used any of these products before?  I’d love to know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments box below or on my facebook page. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook….links below🙂


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25 thoughts on “Unboxing! Cult Beauty Box by Caroline Hirons

  1. Nailderella says:

    wow I’m impressed by the content of this box. I would have loved everything. The cleanser seems nice, I’m really into balm cleanser at the moment!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. stashy says:

    Oooh I’ve always eyed the Cult Beauty Boxes! Caroline Hirons is such an authority on skincare and I’ve wanted to try products that she recommends. 🙂
    Hehe I love that photo of your grabby hands! XD
    The Pixi Double Cleanse is such a smart product – and looks to be travel friendly too.
    And I’ve head such good things about Zelens too!
    What great value – enjoy everything!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beauty and The Ballroom says:

      Thanks for reading! On Instagram I even used the hashtag of #carolinehironsmademedoit 😂 she’s great isn’t she?? All of the products are lovely! Probably a good thing they’re not released every month for the sake of my bank balance!! 😂😂


  3. Amy @ Bottled Beauty says:

    It looks like such a great box! While I love the idea of the box and while it’s such great value, it would cost me $300 Australian dollars which is a lot to spend in one hit. I wish they had a mini box that had deluxe samples which was cheaper!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Beauty and The Ballroom says:

      It is a lot of money to spend in one go…the only reason I guess I did is because it included 4 products I’ve been wanting to buy anyway so it would have cost me about the same for just those. A mini box from cult beauty would be a fab idea!! xx


  4. Taylor Jane says:

    This looks amazing! Pixi is a brand that I am dying to try and this product is one of them that is on my Wishlist!! What a fab box of goodies, ox

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Jade says:

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these Cult Beauty boxes but I can’t justify the price at the moment! I might just have to save some money from my next bonus and hope I can get on the waitlist for the next one!

    Liked by 2 people

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