Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes +

I’m always tempted by new makeup products….I’m addicted….I admitted to that at the very start of my blogging journey!

Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes had been on my radar for a little while last year having seen some Youtube videos and the odd Facebook video that popped up showing the extreme lash length that can be achieved with this amazing mascara.  Unfortunately for every good video or photo I saw, there were photos that suggested that all you can achieve with these lashes are tarantula lashes so I had refrained from buying them.


Fast forward to December 2016 and a friend of mine had started selling Younique …. bizarrely when I met Amanda some 8 years ago or so I was the one selling makeup but with Virgin Vie!   Thanks to her Facebook uploads I became tempted by the lashes again but was concerned about the spider eyes look that I had seen on other photos.   Amanda told me that the lashes were actually being relaunched in January with changes that had been made to counter-act the finishes that some were getting with the older formulation.  They were also on offer at £20….I couldn’t resist!


So what is it?  The set comes with 2 tubes…a black transplanting gel and a tube of black fibers.    They are in a neat little pouch which is great as you can guarantee I’d loose one of them!

Transplanting Gel:    Contains four advanced polymers known to provide ultimate adhesion and conditioning and moisturizing properties. Pro-vitamin B5 is known to attract and hold moisture. Vitamin E is known to nourish skin and hair and provide antioxidant benefits. Chamomilla Flower Extract is known to provide antioxidant benefits.

3D Fibers:Nylon fibers dry quickly and adhere to Transplanting Gel without absorbing it for smoother coating. Nylon fibers are known to be resistant to oil. Fibers formulated with squalane and CoQ10, ingredients known to condition, moisturize, and fortify hair and skin.

Taken from the Younique Website

How to use:  First you apply the Transplanting Gel to lashes.  This is just like applying a normal black mascara and I use only this on my lower lashes without adding any fibers.   Then carefully taking the fibers wand from the tube, I pressed the wand against the back of my hand, just to compact the fibers slightly to make sure they weren’t too loose going towards my eyes..(as hinted by Amanda!).   I applied the fibers to the edges of my lashes, being careful not to go too far down the lash near the root as this would put the fibers too close to my eye for my liking!  Once they have both been applied to both sets of lashes, I go back to the first eye and reapply the Transplanting gel to seal them in place.  At this point, more fibers can be added to suit the desired look, but it always needs to be set with the gel no matter how many times you go back in.


One with and One without 🙂



One coat

My opinion?  I like it!  In fact, when I get it right…I love it 🙂   Personally the lashes make a huge difference to my normal natural lashes and at this stage (as they do take some getting used to how to use them!) I have only been happy to apply one coat of the fibers…that’s just the look I prefer.


I think this may have been testing 2 coats when I first got them

Would I repurchase?  Possibly….I’m always honest with my views on my blog and I have to say I think I would, but only if they were on offer.  They retail at a higher price than my usual premium branded mascaras and I can achieve decent looking lashes with those too, especially if I use a primer first…that said the primer plus the mascara would push the price up above the Younique lashes.


Would I recommend?  Yes, based on the results I have had using them, I would recommend these lashes.  They do take practice and when I am in a rush they are not what I would go to so I don’t feel I could have this as my every day mascara….but it is nice for when I have longer to spend to make sure I get it right.

If you’d like more information on this or other Younique products please see Amanda’s website

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18 thoughts on “Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes +

  1. Kate's Vanity says:

    I was wondering what the newer formula was like. I’ve tried the old ones, a rep sent them to me to try for free in exchange for a review. That was on my previous blog. I really liked them though! 🙂 xx

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  2. KLove1978 says:

    I love the blog sweetie I’m a Younique makeup consultant and presenter. I can help you or anyone for that matter, the foundation is amazing, we have so many products that are natural, mineral based, 100% cruelty free, and also we support sexual abused women and children across the world!!! Love yourself, inspire, empower, and validate women globally… find any products you love at

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