Bellapierre Shimmer Powders

In my makeup draw I have makeup that I haven’t really used but bought thinking I would use it….I used to do that a lot!  The problem with that is makeup does have an expiry date from when you open it so it leads to a lot of wastage.  I have a stack of 9 Bellapierre mineral shimmer powders called ‘Bella’.  I bought these (I think) when I was on a plane going to Florida last year (hmmm, ok, year before….2015!) and I possibly had a look at them then put them away….and not looked at since!  As I have palette eyeshadows and even singles, as they’re solid eyeshadows, it’s easy to just use them and not start fiddling about with messy powders but the looks that can be created with them are great.    These powders are highly pigmented but blend impeccably well.  The stackable system is also neat for storage!  They are also multi-functional as seen below:  (Bellapierre website)

Use any of the BELLA PIERRE SHIMMER POWDERS as eye shadow. Simply use a sponge applicator or brush and lightly touch it to the desired color, then apply it to your eyelid. Choose a lighter color as a highlighter to apply above. For a matte finish use with Bellapierre Make Up Base.

For a more dramatic look, use a damp applicator.

Use a blush brush and lightly touch the tip into the desired color and apply along the cheekbone. For a more dramatic and matte look, apply with a damp makeup sponge.

Use a thin eyeliner brush, dampen and lightly touch it to the desired color. Apply under your lower eyelashes and /or over your upper eyelashes.

first apply BELLAPIERRE Clear Lipstick Base. Then, using a lip brush, dip it into the desired color and apply to the lips.

using clear nail polish, dip brush into the polish, then into the desired color powder, and paint on nails. Polish may also be mixed in a separate container for larger batches. Do the above with existing colored nail polish to change its shade.

Using BellaPierre Clear or Black Mascara Dip Mascara Brush into the desired color and paint on eyelashes.

Apply a dab of your favorite lotion (or even suntan lotion) in the palm of your hand. Mix a small amount your own colors in with the lotion. Rub on exposed areas.

Bellapierre uses 100% pure mica powder and no additional additives, ingredients or filters including oil, wax, parabens or talc! (Taken from Beauty Expert)


Bellapierre Shimmer Stack ‘Bella’ 

They retail at £59.99 (I definitely bought these duty-free! ha!) and given you get 15.75g of product this seems like a heck of a lot of money (which it certainly is!).  That said, when compared to Mac Pigments (which contain a lot of other ingredients that these don’t) it works out gram for gram to be a similar price.  £16 for 4.5g Mac Pigment, works out to be £3.55 per gram.  Bellapierre works out to be £3.80 per gram and in that you have 9 different powders rather than one pot of one colour, which in honesty, takes an eternity to use up.  They are also mineral powders and much better for your skin!  I do have both so feel I can compare fairly.

I swatched these powders today both dry and wet so you can see the intensity that can be achieved from these colours.    They’re all shimmery but for the black which is matte.


I then also used the colour that dry looks bronze/copper but when wet, looks like a rich emerald green with a copper hint…interesting colour!  The nice thing about it was that the metallic colour on my eyelid was then blended nicely with a coppery crease but it was the one colour.  I also used the colour Earth as a highlight to take it upto the brow bone.  Unfortunately the pics aren’t great so I’ll use this again at some point and post pics on my Instagram.

Do you have beauty products you’ve hardly ever or never used?

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