On day 18, I spoke a lot about my Beauty Blender as my something pink….See #MAKEUPMUSTHAVESCHALLENGE DAY 18 for why I like it.

I do only have one Original Beauty Blender because they are more expensive, but I do own a few ‘dupes’ or cheaper versions.  I also have the Dior version which I believe is the same price, but I don’t rate it highly at all as it is quite solid in comparison.  Even when wet, the Dior version is still not softened, making it a bit harder to clean thoroughly also.  I was told I could put this one in the washing machine though….maybe I should try that!


I have a couple of blending sponges that I’ve picked up in TK Max for not much money at all.  These are the 2 to the right of the photo above.  I do find that they aren’t so easy to clean thoroughly also as they’re a bit tougher so when it comes to wringing them out after cleaning, it always feels like I should be able to squeeze out just that bit more!  I tend to use them more for blending cream contour more than foundation application, but that’s just my preference.  The orange one is the one that is most commonly talked about as the dupe of the original Beauty Blender and that is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.   In fact, if you type ‘Beauty Blender Dupe’ into Google, this is the first option that comes up!  This is currently only £3.99 in Boots!  Usually £5.99, so still much cheaper than the £16 original.

Optimize your beauty routine with this 3-in-1 multi- functional sponge
Rounded sides – blend large areas of the face with a repeated “dabbing” or “stippling” motion
Precision tip – covers blemishes and imperfections
Flat edge – for the contours around the eyes and nose
Its versatile design evenly blends makeup for a smooth, enhanced finish, use with your favourite foundation to help reduce the appearance of pores

Read more at Boots website

I have already said that the original Beauty Blender is my ultimate favourite, but this Real Techniques version is my next favourite.   Referring back to the prices at Boots, they seem to have other offers on other Real Techniques tools so I may try their mini erasers….have you tried any of the other sponges?  What ones do you prefer?

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