The Rolls Royce of nail files in a perfect size for your handbag.  M&S website

Today’s advent treat was one that I actually wasn’t looking forward to!  Simply because I have never liked the thought of a glass nail file.  In fact the sheer thought goes through me to think of dragging frosted glass over my nails…surely it’d be like scraping your nails down pot??  That kind of image anyway!

When I opened box 22, it contained the Mini Crystal Nail File by Leighton Denny.

I’ll be honest, the texture of the file part I don’t actually like when I pick the file up…it’s just one of those materials…and yes I might be weird but I can’t help it…but I’m going to have to get over it!  Luckily the handle part is clear glass…I can cope with that! 🙂

That said, I did try and use it on my nails and it is amazing!  I had already filed my nails yesterday with a standard emery board and they’re never quite smooth.  I used this file briefly and my nails feel smooth all around the edge and minus the little snags that get caught on things…usually resulting in my nail ripping quite low down.  Ouch!

Having read up on this nail file I am pretty impressed and now understand why it feels different.  I’ve never understood how people can prefer a glass nail file!  Now I see!

With this file, you can go against the rule of not filing backwards and forwards over the nail, because it has an ultra fine surface so it won’t snag the nail.  It is made with the finest crystal and treated to create a long lasting surface.   So long so that they even guarantee the file for 25 years!  (As my husband just kindly pointed out….’Oh that’ll last till you’re 60 then?’)

If the surface quality of the file diminishes, affecting the efficacy of it, Leighton Denny will replace it free of charge.  (This doesn’t apply if it has been broken through misuse)

The file can just simply be cleaned in hot water to remove build up from filing and it will refresh the surface.

Great little treat in the advent calendar and perfectly hand-bag sized too.

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